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Test your knowledge: Identify system vulnerabilities Quiz Answer

In this article i am gone to share Coursera Course: Assets, Threats, and Vulnerabilities Week 3 Practice quiz | Test your knowledge: Identify system vulnerabilities Quiz Answer with you..

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In this course, you will explore the concepts of assets, threats, and vulnerabilities. First, you’ll build an understanding of how assets are classified. Next, you will become familiar with common threats and vulnerabilities, and the security controls used by organizations to protect valuable information and mitigate risk. You will develop an attacker mindset by practicing the threat modeling process, and you’ll learn tactics for staying ahead of security breaches.

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Test your knowledge: Identify system vulnerabilities Quiz Answer

Question 1)
Fill in the blank: A vulnerability ____ refers to the internal review process of an organization’s security systems.

  • assessment
  • patch
  • scanner
  • scoring

Question 2)
What are the goals of a vulnerability assessment? Select two answers.

  • To identify existing weaknesses
  • To detect network traffic
  • To audit regulatory compliance
  • To reduce overall threat exposure

Question 3)
Which of the following remediation examples might be implemented after a vulnerability scan? Select two answers.

  • Identifying misconfigurations in an application
  • Installing software updates and patches
  • Locating vulnerabilities in workstations
  • Training employees to follow new security procedures

Question 4)
What are two types of vulnerability scans? Select two answers.

  • Risk or threat
  • Patch or upgrade
  • Authenticated or unauthenticated
  • Limited or comprehensive