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Cybersecurity Fundamentals Specialization Coursera Quiz Answers

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Cybersecurity Fundamentals Specialization

Unlock your cybersecurity professional potential. Develop fluency in essential Cybersecurity skills and competencies and safeguard you digital assets.


Specialization – 3 course series

Vigilance against cyberthreats and attacks becomes increasingly important year over year as we continue to accelerate the amount of sensitive information in digital, web-accessible formats. Do you want to arm yourself with the required knowledge to ensure protection for yourself or your organization? Take this cybersecurity Specialization to learn the basics!

This cybersecurity fundamentals program from IBM can help every individual with limited or no experience in IT or cybersecurity, whether you are a developer, a manager, an IT professional, or a digital consumer interested in learning about issues in the field and the measures you can take to ensure organizational security.

This specialization will equip learners with an understanding of the fundamental concepts, processes, tools, and strategies of cybersecurity, in combination with hands-on exercises and activities, to gain the experience necessary to implement security best practices and take informed decisions in case of a cyberattack.

Investigate topics like authorization, authentication, encryption, firewalls, detection, safety practices, and safe-guarding applications, data, and networks. Explore cybersecurity-related roles and career paths. Get started with your cybersecurity learning today! ย |ย Enrol Nowย |

Applied Learning Project

This Specialization emphasizes applied learning and includes a series of hands-on activities and projects. In these exercises, youโ€™ll take the theory and skills youโ€™ve gained and practice them with real-world scenarios.

You will explore networking ports and protocols and perform network troubleshooting. You will install Windows updates, anti-virus software, and use Windows Defender firewall. Additionally, manage browser privacy settings and configure a secure network. Regarding cybersecurity-related careers, you will search for job postings with the required skills and qualifications for specific roles and even start to develop your own resume and portfolio.


Cybersecurity Fundamentals Specialization Coursera Quiz Answers

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Course 1:ย  ย Introduction to Cybersecurity Essentials

Course 2:ย  ย Cybersecurity Architecture

Course 3:ย  ย Introduction to Cybersecurity Careers