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IBM IT Support Professional Certificate Coursera Quiz Answers

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IBM IT Support Professional Certificate

Prepare for a career as an IT support specialist. Gain the in-demand skills and hands-on experience to get job-ready in as little as 3 months. No prior experience required.


Professional Certificate – 9 course series

Prepare for an in-demand career in Information Technology (IT). In this program, you’ll develop a strong foundation in IT fundamentals, networking, cybersecurity, and cloud computing to get job-ready in as little as 3 months, with no prior experience or degree needed to get started.

Almost every organization, business, or individual relies on technology. A career in IT Support is about providing technological assistance to better optimize organizational efficiency. This can include troubleshooting, setting up computers, setting up network & wifi, along with providing excellent customer service.

You’ll learn the latest skills and tools used by IT support professionals including hardware and software setup, technical support, customer service, ticketing systems, service level agreements, and troubleshooting. You’ll demonstrate your knowledge of networking, security, and cloud computing, and practice analyzing user help requests and troubleshooting various issues.

When you successfully complete the program, you’ll have a portfolio of projects to demonstrate your proficiency, a Professional Certificate from IBM to showcase your job readiness to potential employers, and you’ll receive exclusive access to career support resources to help you in your job search.

You’ll also be prepared to take the CompTIA ITF+ certification exams and receive a 30% discount voucher for the certification exams like A+. | Enrol Now |


Applied Learning Project

The IBM Technical Support Professional Certificate provides more than 70 hours of instructional videos and engaging hands-on interactive exercises, labs, projects and practice tests.

The skills you’ll gain through labs and projects include hardware & mobile device setup, software configuration, Windows/Linux usage, GUI & command line, troubleshooting procedures, IT helpdesk & ticketing systems, customer service & tech support best practices, network & wifi setup, cloud computing & cybersecurity fundamentals, and much more.

In the final capstone course, you will apply your knowledge and skills to real-world case studies, and upon completion, will be able to confidently demonstrate your IT support skills to prospective employers.

Course staff and teaching assistants are available throughout the program to support your success.


IBM IT Support Professional Certificate Coursera Quiz Answers

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Course 1:   Introduction to Technical Support

Course 2:   Introduction to Hardware and Operating Systems

Course 3:   Introduction to Software, Programming, and Databases

Course 4:   Introduction to Networking and Storage

Course 5:   Introduction to Cybersecurity Essentials

Course 6:   Introduction to Cloud Computing

Course 7:   Practice Exam for CompTIA ITF+ Certification


Course 8:   Technical Support (IT) Case Studies and Capstone

Graded Case Study: Computer Hardware and Software Specifications Quiz Answers

Graded Case Study: System Software, Versions, and Application Software Compatibility Quiz Answers

Graded Case Study: Configure, Test, and Troubleshoot a SOHO Network Quiz Answers

Graded Case Study: Public Browsing Safety Quiz Answers

Graded Case Study: Cloud Service and Deployment Models Quiz Answers

Exam – Cloud Computing Basics Quiz Answers

Graded Quiz: Final Exam Quiz Answers


Course 9:   Tech Support Career Guide and Interview Preparation