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Graded Case Study: Computer Hardware and Software Specifications Quiz Answers

Hello Friends in this article i am gone to share Technical Support Case Studies and Capstone by IBM | Week 1 | Graded Case Study: Computer Hardware and Software Specifications Quiz Answers with you..

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Graded Case Study: Computer Hardware and Software Specifications Quiz Answers

Leroy is a help desk agent who receives the following ticket opened by a user named Tyler:


Question 1)
What is the best way for Leroy to begin addressing this issue?

  • Direct the user to the administrator of the assets policy.
  • Escalate the request to a level 2 technical support specialist.
  • Research and email the user back with a link to the correct form.
  • Phone the user and guide them to find the form.


Tyler responds that he can access the form now but it’s asking for the old MacBook’s serial number.

Question 2)
How can Tyler begin to find the needed information?

  • Reboot the computer in Safe Mode.
  • Open the System Preferences and then click General.
  • Right-click the desktop and then click Get Info.
  • Click on the Apple menu and then select the About This Mac icon.


Tyler responds that according to the company policy the old MacBook was reset to factory default settings and he cannot start the computer without reconfiguring it.

Question 3)
What else can the agent do to guide the user, Tyler, to determine the MacBook’s serial number?

  • Inform Tyler that he should have noted the serial number before the factory reset and now he must reconfigure the device, access the info, and then reset it again.
  • Ask Tyler to ignore the serial number and the form and send the laptop to his manager instead.
  • Ask Tyler to look for a serial number printed on the underside of the MacBook’s casing.
  • Ask Tyler to find the email that contained details about their old laptop when it was originally dispatched.

Question 4)
What is a good way for Leroy to show a customer-service attitude?

  • Check to see whether the form can be waived.
  • Tell Tyler not to worry about returning the old laptop and keep it for personal use.
  • Check back with Tyler to verify all the needed information has been found.
  • Fill out the form using Tyler’s intranet login credentials.


Leroy’s supervisor realizes that this is a common question and asks him to create an entry in the knowledge base documenting the link to the asset return form and how to find the details required to fill it.

Question 5)
Which of the following is the best reason for keeping a knowledge base current?

  • Sending users to a knowledge base is less expensive than wasting agents’ valuable time.
  • It will help document the work that the team does for later assessment.
  • Adding to a knowledge base helps users find answers and resources quickly even when a help desk agent isn’t available.
  • The supervisor wants to make sure Leroy understands the question completely.