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Optimizing a Website for Google Search Week 3 Quiz Answers

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Optimizing a Website for Google Search Week 3 Quiz Answers

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Mobile/App SEO & Metrics and KPIs Answers

Question 1)
When optimizing your app you should focus on:

  • Only on your website
  • Only on Apple Store first
  • Only on Google Play first
  • Both app store optimization as well as external optimization

Question 2)
What is an example of an external app SEO method?

  • Creating a solid content marketing strategy
  • Building backlinks to the app store listings
  • Improving the user experience in the app itself

 Question 3)
What is an example of ASO?

  • Having a good content marketing strategy in place
  • Optimizing your apps titles and descriptions
  • Making sure that your website points to your app store listing

Question 4)
Both app stores will evaluate things like:

  • Keywords in tags
  • How many backlinks your app store listing has
  • Whether or not your app has an external website
  • User metrics such as uninstall rate, app speed, and more

Question 5)
What is an A/B test?

  • When you record people using the app to see how they navigate
  • Splitting traffic across different variations of the app
  • Measuring the CTR of visits from your website to your app listing

Question 6)
Both Google and Apple have built-in A/B testing functionality.

  • True
  • False

Question 7)
Why should you optimize screenshots?

  • To improve downloads and retention
  • To meet quality guidelines of the app stores
  • To clearly state the price of your app
  • To make sure your app is featured in the right category

Question 8)
Which of these is a good reason to forecast?

  • To help train new hires
  • So you look busy to executives
  • Getting approval for appropriate resources to finish a project
  • Making sure your forecast exactly matches actual numbers

Question 9)
SEO forecasting is difficult because:

  • You have to use expensive tools
  • The landscape can change frequently
  • You can’t easily communicate your results

Question 10)
Creating a custom CTR curve is:

  • Absolutely necessary
  • Helpful but not required
  • There’s no point because there are industry-standard ones

Question 11)
KPI stands for:

  • Keyword Personalization Index
  • Key Performance Indicator
  • Key Paid Indicators

Question 12)
With KPIs you should have:

  • Focus only on the ones that matter most
  • A lot of different KPIs showcase your efforts
  • A combination of smaller KPIs and bigger ones so you can benchmark

Question 13)
ROI stands for:

  • Really Optimistic Indexing
  • Return on Investment
  • Revenue on Impact
  • Revenue Opposition Investment

Question 14)
With SEO you:

  • Can get higher budgets than paid campaigns
  • Generally see a longer-term ROI than that of paid
  • Immediately see the ROI of your efforts