Introduction to Internet of Things Week 10 Quiz Answer

In this article i am gone to share NPTEL Course Introduction to Internet of Things Unit 12 – Week 10 Assignment Quiz Answer with you..

Introduction to Internet of Things Week 10 Quiz Answer

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Unit 12 – Week 10 Quiz Answer

Assignment 10

Question 1)
Smart Agriculture incorporates:
  • Alert generation in case of above-threshold pollutants in the air.
  • Scheduling harvesting and arranging proper transfer of harvests to warehouses or markets. 
  • Both the above 
  • None of these
Question 2)
Heterogeneity for IoT in smart cities stands for:
  • Integration of different radio specifications. 
  • Integration of various software platforms.
  • Integration of varying hardware platforms and specifications. 
  • All of these
Question 3)
Which company first coined fog computing?
  • HP
  • Dell 
  • IBM
Question 4)
Which of these connects cable-based networks with wireless networks for increased sharing of media, control and access and can share network media resources?
  • LAN
  • WiFi
  • UPnP
  • DLNA
Question 5)
The need for smart cities arose due to:
  • Fast depleting natural resources
  • Rapidly growing urban population 
  • Changes in environment and climate 
  • All of the above
Question 6)
The following goals are currently associated with smart vehicles:
  • Auto alert generation during crashes. 
  • Assistance to drivers during bad weather or low-visibility. 
  • Detection of bad driving patterns or driving under the influence of substances. 
  • All of the above
Question 7)
Which of the following is a social and legal challenge of lot in smart cities?
  • Individual and informed consent required for using humans as data sources.
  • Services based on user provided information may be subject to local or international laws. 
  • Both a and b 
  • None of these
Question 8) 
In multi-sensor data fusion, which is true:
  • Combines information from multiple sensor sources. 
  • Inferences drawn from multiple sensor type data is qualitatively superior to single sensor type data.
  • Enhances the ability of decision making systems to include a multitude of variables prior to arriving at a decision.
  • All of the above
Question 9)
Amount of energy harvested depends upon:
  • Environment 
  • Sensitivity of the harvesting circuit 
  • Distance between the device and source 
  • All of the above
Question 10)
X-10 protocol is characterized by:
  • Low-speed and low data rate. 
  • Low speed and high data rate 
  • High speed and low data rate 
  • High speed and high data rate
Question 11)
UPnP stands for:
  • United Plug and Play
  • Universal Plug and Play 
  • United Protocol and Plugs 
  • Universal Protocol and Plugs 
Question 12)
Konnex (KNX) is:
  • Smart energy system 
  • Smart parking system
  • an open standard for home and building networks. 
  • None of these
Question 13)
HAN architectures:
  • Follows a Service oriented Architecture (SOA). 
  • Not tied to any software, language or architecture.
  • Uses XML for description and web-services for control.  
  • All of these
Question 14)
Which of these can be considered as the skeleton for smart cities?
  • Banks 
  • Sensors
  • Buildings 
  • Transportation 
Question 15)
PSRC in the context of smart vehicles stands for:
  • Data Short Range Communication 
  • Data Spedy Robust Communication
  • Detailed Short Rate Communication 
  • Dedicated Short Range Communication