Introduction to Internet of Things Week 9 Quiz Answer

In this article i am gone to share NPTEL Course Introduction to Internet of Things Unit 11 – Week 9 Assignment Quiz Answer with you..

Introduction to Internet of Things Week 9 Quiz Answer

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Unit 11 – Week 9 Quiz Answer

Assignment 9

Question 1)
We normally take snapshot in Openstack,
  • it is an inbuilt image in Openstack
  • after the installation of an instance 
  • before the installation of an instance 
  • it should be downloaded from the internet
Question 2)
Sensor-Cloud deals with
  • Sensor-in-Cloud
  • Sensor-for-Service 
  • Sensor-as-a-Service 
  • None of these
Question 3)
In OpenStack, NOVA is
  • object service
  • image service  
  • compute service 
  • used for providing the networking service
Question 4)
In OpenStack, the duration of service usage is monitored by
  • Heat
  • Cinder
  • Ceilometer 
  • Neutron
Question 5)
The concept of Sensor-Cloud is
  • based on simple storing the sensor data into cloud
  • based on virtualization of sensor
  • based on the accumulating the sensor data from one application region and transmit these data to another region only
  • None of the above options is correct
Question 6)
Among the following actors in sensor-cloud architecture, who is responsible for managing the infrastructure and deals with price?
  • SCSP 
  • End-users 
  • Sensor owners 
  • None of the above
Question 7)
In sensor-cloud, who takes decision whether the data should be provided directly to the end user or not?
  • End-user
  • Internal Cache 
  • External Cache 
  • Sensor-owner
Question 8)
What is a good approach to reduce latency?
  • Analyzing data in cloud 
  • Increasing number of nodes 
  • Decreasing number of nodes
  • Analyzing data close to the data source 
Question 9)
Which of the following company coined the term “Fog Computing” ?
  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
Question 10 )
Resource usage information in service accounting is obtained in the form of
  • Tables 
  • Records
  • Data set 
  • Any form
Question 11)
For which of the following reasons the fog computing should be used?
  • The data rate in a fog device is always very high.
  • For storing a huge amount of data in the fog device 
  • While handling time sensitive data, a millisecond can make a huge differences
  • In the absence of network connectivity with users’ device, the fog device can provide the data 
Question 12)
Which of the following is/are the advantages of Fog computing?
  • Data can be stored in local server
  • Reduce the latency during decision making  
  • Fog nodes can be programmed according to the customer’s requirements 
  • All the above
Question 13)
To uninstall the OpenStack, which of the following files is required to be run?
Question 14)
Why data volume is a problem in loT-based cloud computing?
  • because data are encrypted and hard to analyze 
  • because data coming from loT devices are always in raw format and difficult to store
  • because the density of IoT devices is increasing each day and in turn the volume of generated data is growing very fast
  • because loT device density is decreasing each day and in turn the volume of generated data are decreasing very fast
Question 15 )
Blue Pill attack on hypervisor is a threat example of:
  • Host security at SaaS level
  • Host security at IaaS level
  • Host security at PaaS level
  • None of the above