Introduction to Internet of Things Week 11 Quiz Answer

In this article i am gone to share NEPTEL Course Introduction to Internet of Things Unit 13 – Week 11 Assignment Quiz Answer with you..

Introduction to Internet of Things Week 11 Quiz Answer | NEPTEL

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Unit 13 – Week 11 Quiz Answer

Assignment 11

Question 1)
Self-healing in smart grid can be done using –
  • Dampening unwanted power oscillations 
  • Avoiding unwanted flows of current through the grid
  • Rerouting power flows in order to avoid overloading in a transmission line
  • All of these
Question 2)
Renewable energy is generated from –
  • Nuclear resources
  • Natural resources
  • Artificial resources
  • All of the above
Question 3)
The V2X paradigm follows:
  • A centralized architecture
  • A distributed architecture 
  • Both a and 
  • None of these
Question 4)
What is the key technology to enable V2V and V2R communication?
  • RFID Communication 
  • Long Range Communication 
  • Medium Range Communication
  • Dedicated Short Range Communication 
Question 5)
What are the risks associated with IIoT?
  • Cheap sensors
  • Confident workforce
  • Lack of vision and leadership 
  • Both cheap sensors and confident workforce
Question 6)
RSUs are connected to the Internet by:
  • Routers
  • Gateways
  • Relays
  • None of these
Question 7)
IIoT is mainly focused on
  • Efficiency of the system. 
  • Data security.
  • Convenience of individuals 
  • Efficiency, safety and security of operation and individuals.
Question 8)
Smart grid enables –
  • Centralized energy management
  • Distributed energy management 
  • Both distributed and centralized energy management 
  • None of these
Question 9)
Traditional electric grids are associated with:
  • Uni-directional communication 
  • Energy generation is done in centralized power plants 
  • Energy distribution is one directional – from the power plant to the homes or industries. 
  • All of these
Question 10)
The smart grid is also termed as:
  • The electronet
  • The energy internet 
  • Electricity with a brain 
  • All of these
Question 11)
Which of the following is not a property associated with power quality of smart grids:
  • Self-Healing 
  • Load Forecasting
  • Asset Management
  • Frequency Monitoring and Control
Question 12)
Home power generation is a term associated with:
  • Small wind turbines
  • Rooftop solar electric systems 
  • Power generation system at consumers-end 
  • All of these
Question 13)
n smart grids, PMU stands for:
  • Phase monitoring unit
  • Phase measurement unit 
  • Phasor measurement unit 
  • All of these
Question 14)
The typical data rate associated with EnOcean is?
  • 9600 bps 
  • 3200 bps
  • 19200 bps 
  • 152300 bps
Question 15)
MDMS is the context of smart grids stands for:
  • Metric data monitoring unit
  • Meter data management unit 
  • Metric data measurement unit  
  • None of these