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Type of Triangle Solution

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Write a query identifying the type of each record in the TRIANGLES table using its three side lengths. Output one of the following statements for each record in the table:

  • Equilateral: It’s a triangle with 3 sides of equal length.
  • Isosceles: It’s a triangle with 2 sides of equal length.
  • Scalene: It’s a triangle with 3 sides of differing lengths.
  • Not A Triangle: The given values of A, B, and C don’t form a triangle.

Input Format

The TRIANGLES table is described as follows:

Column Type
A Integer
B Integer
C Integer

Each row in the table denotes the lengths of each of a triangle’s three sides.

Sample Input

20 20 23
20 20 20
20 21 22
13 14 30

Sample Output

Not A Triangle


Values in the tuple (20, 20, 30) form an Isosceles triangle, because A == B.
Values in the tuple (20, 20, 20) form an Equilateral triangle, because A == B == C. Values in the tuple (20, 21, 22) form a Scalene triangle, because A =! B =! C.
Values in the tuple (13, 14, 30) cannot form a triangle because the combined value of sides A and B is not larger than that of side C.


Solution – Type of Triangle Solution

MySQL Code
if(A+B<=C or B+C<=A or A+C<=B,"Not A Triangle",
if(A=B and B=C,"Equilateral",
if(A=B or B=C or A=C,"Isosceles","Scalene")))
from TRIANGLES as T;



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