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Employee Salaries Solution

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Write a query that prints a list of employee names (i.e.: theย nameย attribute) for employees inย Employeeย having a salary greater thanย $2000ย per month who have been employees for less thanย 10ย months. Sort your result by ascendingย employee_id.

Input Format

Theย Employeeย table containing employee data for a company is described as follows:

Column Type
employee_id Integer
name String
months Integer
salary Integer

whereย employee_idย is an employeeโ€™s ID number,ย nameย is their name,ย monthsย is the total number of months theyโ€™ve been working for the company, andย salaryย is the their monthly salary.

Sample Input

employee_id name months salary
12228 Rose 15 1968
33645 Angela 1 3443
45692 Frank 17 1608
56118 Patrick 7 1345
59725 Lisa 11 2330
74197 Kimberly 16 4372
78454 Bonnie 8 1771
83565 Michael 6 2017
98607 Todd 5 3396
99989 Joe 9 3573

Sample Output



Angela has been an employee for 1 month and earns $3443 per month.
Michael has been an employee for 6 months and earns $2017 per month.
Todd has been an employee for 5 months and earns $3396 per month.
Joe has been an employee for 9 months and earns $3573 per month.
We order our output by ascending employee_id.

Solution โ€“ Employee Salaries Solution

MySQL Code
select name from employee 
where salary > 2000 and 
months < 10 order By employee_id;



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