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Starting the Project Quiz Answers

In this article i am gone to share Coursera Course: Back-End Developer Capstone by Meta Week 1 | Starting the Project Quiz Answers

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Starting the Project Quiz Answers

Question 1)
True or False: The django.contrib.staticfiles app is installed by default in a new Django installation.

  • True
  • False

Question 2)
What tag is used to stage the URL for static files, easily allowing the developer to build relative paths to static assets?

  • {% load static_URL %}
  • {% import static %}
  • {% load static_files %}
  • {% load static %}

Question 3)
Which of the following options are valid commands for Git? Select all that apply.

  • git push
  • git stop
  • git init
  • git delete

Question 4)
What command runs a local Django server to ensure the application runs properly and different components can be tested?

  • django-admin server
  • run-server django
  • django runserver
  • python runserver

Question 5)
When two developers are working in the same repository and they make changes to the same file and try to commit those changes to the same branch, Git will error. What is this error known as?

  • rebase
  • merge conflict
  • commit message
  • fork

Question 6)
Which of the following is a centralized version control system?

  • Mercurial
  • Subversion
  • Git
  • BitKeeper

Question 7)
Which of the following are ways to download a GitHub repository to your local computer? Select all that apply.

  • You use the git restore command.
  • You use the git clone command.
  • You can download the repository as a ZIP file.
  • You use the git pull command.

Question 8)
What are the three states in a Git workflow? Select all that apply.

  • modified
  • committed
  • finalized
  • staged

Question 9)
There is an application called MyApp with a model titled Cars. We want to grant permissions to a user to be able to add new entries to the Cars model. What permission would be assigned in Django Admin?

  • cars.add
  • add_cars.myapp
  • myapp.add_cars

Question 10)
Which of the following is not a type of user in Django?

  • superuser
  • admin
  • staff
  • active


Question 11)
What is the setting defined in file to indicate where static files should be loaded from?


Question 12)
To let Django look for the static files in folders other than the STATIC_ROOT folder, which of the following variables should you define in the file?

  • collectstatic

Question 13)
If changes were made by a developer on a remote repository, and a collaborating developer wanted to get those changes into their local repository, what command would they use?

  • git status
  • git pull
  • git push
  • git add

Question 14)
Which property, defined in, defines the valid routes in a Django application or project that can respond to requests?

  • url_paths
  • page_urls
  • urlpatterns
  • urls

Question 15)
Which of the following statements is true? Select all that apply.

  • The git push command sends files from the local repository to the remote repository.
  • The git commit command sends files from the working repository to the local repository.
  • The git add command sends files from the staging area to the local repository
  • The git add command sends files from the working area to the staging area

Question 16)
What are some of the advantages of the distributed version control system over a centralized version control system? Select all that apply.

  • They provide more access controls.
  • They are faster.
  • They allow work to be done offline.
  • They are easier to learn.

Question 17)
How do you upload files in a local repository to GitHub?

  • You use the git push command
  • You use the git commit command.
  • You use the git add command.
  • You use GitHub’s web interface.

Question 18)
Which of the following requirements must be fulfilled to access Django’s admin interface? Select all that apply.

  • You must The Django project to have at least one app.
  • You must create at least one superuser.
  • You must include django.contrib.admin in the INSTALLED_APPS list in the file.
  • You must run the migrations.

Question 19)
Which of the following should be placed in the folder for static assets?

  • View files
  • Template files
  • Model files
  • Javascript files

Question 20)
Which of the following functions can you use to define URL routes? Select all that apply.

  • draw()
  • include()
  • path()
  • render()

Question 21)
Which of the following are known as version control tools? Select all that apply.

  • GitHub
  • Git
  • Mercurial
  • SVN

Question 22)
What command can be used to determine who made changes to a file within a shared Git repository?

  • git blame
  • git log
  • git add
  • git status

Question 23)
Which user property is used to determine if the user can access the Django Admin web interface?

  • is_staff
  • is_user
  • is_superuser
  • is_admin

Question 23)
To serve the static files in a Django app, which of the following steps do you need to take? Select all that apply.

  • Include the staticfiles app in the INSTALLED_APPS list.
  • Set the ALLOW_STATIC value to be true.
  • Serve the file with static/<file-name> as its path.
  • Set the STATIC_ROOT to the directory in which static files are stored.
  • Load the static template tag.

Question 24)
As a developer makes changes to a file in their local repository, what command can they use to see those changes between their current version and the last commit?

  • git commit
  • git add
  • git status
  • git diff

Question 25)
When a file has been edited in a Git repository, after saving, the command git status will show us that the file has been changed. After staging the file, what command do we use to make the change in our Git repository?

  • git add
  • git rebase
  • git commit
  • git clone

Question 26)
When developing new features, it is best practice to do new work on a _____ and then merge that back to main when the work is complete and tested.

  • client
  • repository
  • branch
  • fork

Question 27)
Which of the following are tasks that can be done through the Django Admin interface? Select all that apply.

  • Created Django templates
  • Add or edit content of models
  • Control access permissions
  • Creating and managing users and groups

Question 28)
Once a commit has been made on a local repository, what command is used to sync those changes to the remote repository?

  • git pull
  • git push
  • git sync
  • git status