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Microsoft Azure Databricks for Data Engineering Week 6 | Test prep Quiz Answers

In this article i am gone to share Coursera Course: Microsoft Azure Databricks for Data Engineering Week 6 | Test prep Quiz Answers with you..

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Microsoft Azure Databricks for Data Engineering Week 6 | Test prep Quiz Answers


Test prep Quiz Answers

Question 1)
Delta Lake enables you to make changes to a table schema that can be applied automatically, without the need for DDL modifications. This functionality is referred to as?

  • ACID Transactions
  • Time Travel
  • Schema Evolution
  • Schema Enforcement

Question 2)
One of the core features of Delta Lake is performing upserts. Which of the following statements is true regarding Upsert?

  • Upsert is literally TWO operations. Update / Insert
  • Upsert is a new DML statement for SQL syntax
  • Upsert is supported in traditional data lakes

Question 3)
What is the Databricks Delta command to display metadata?

  • MSCK DETAIL tablename
  • SHOW SCHEMA tablename

Question 4)
What optimization does the following command perform: OPTIMIZE Customers ZORDER BY City?

  • Creates an order-based index on the City field to improve filters against that field
  • Ensures that all data backing, for example, City=’London’ is colocated, then rewrites the sorted data into new Parquet files.
  • Ensures that all data backing, for example, City=”London” is colocated, then updates a graph that routes requests to the appropriate files.

Question 5)
What size does OPTIMIZE compact small files to?

  • Around 1 GB
  • Around 100 MB
  • Around 500MB

Question 6)
Which of the following can be used to successfully perform an UPSERT in a Delta dataset?

  • Use MERGE INTO my-table USING data-to-upsert
  • Use UPSERT INTO my-table /MERGE
  • Use UPSERT INTO my-table

Question 7)
The lambda architecture is a big data processing architecture combining both batch and real-time processing methods and features an append-only immutable data source. What are features of an append-only immutable data source? Select all that apply.

  • Timestamped events are appended to existing events
  • Timestamped events overwrite existing events
  • serves as system of record
  • Data is implicitly ordered by time of arrival

Question 8)
In the Delta Lake architecture the refinement of the data is often referred to as Bronze, Silver and Gold Tables. Which of the following tables generally contain raw data ingested from various sources?

  • Bronze
  • Gold
  • Silver

Question 9)
What is a lambda architecture and what does it try to solve?

  • An architecture that employs the latest Scala runtimes in one or more Databricks clusters to provide the most efficient data processing platform available today
  • An architecture that defines a data processing pipeline whereby microservices act as compute resources for efficient large-scale data processing
  • An architecture that splits incoming data into two paths – a batch path and a streaming path. This architecture helps address the need to provide real-time processing in addition to slower batch computations.

Question 10)
What is required to specify the location of a checkpoint directory when defining a Delta Lake streaming query?

  • .writeStream.format(“delta”).option(“checkpointLocation”, checkpointPath) …
  • .writeStream.format(“parquet”).option(“checkpointLocation”, checkpointPath) …
  • .writeStream.format(“delta”).checkpoint(“location”, checkpointPath) …