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Microsoft Azure Databricks for Data Engineering Week 5 | Test prep Quiz Answers

In this article i am gone to share Coursera Course: Microsoft Azure Databricks for Data Engineering Week 5 | Test prep Quiz Answers with you..

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Microsoft Azure Databricks for Data Engineering Week 5 | Test prep Quiz Answers


Test prep Quiz Answers

Question 1)
A Microsoft-managed Azure Databricks workspace virtual network (VNet) exists within the customer subscription. Information exchanged between this VNet and the Microsoft-managed Azure Databricks Control Plane VNet is sent over a secure TLS connection using which Ports? Select two from the choices below.

  • Port 6667
  • Port 22
  • Port 5557
  • Port 443
  • Port 53

Question 2)
Which of the following are hosted by the Azure Databricks Control Plane? Select all that apply.

  • Runtime Notebooks
  • Access control lists (ACLs)
  • Jobs
  • Clusters

Question 3)
In Azure Databricks using workspace access control, individual permissions determine a user’s abilities. What permission must be set to allow the user the ability to change permissions?

  • Run
  • Manage
  • Edit

Question 4)
Azure Databricks has two types of secret scopes: Key Vault-backed and Databricks-backed. These secret scopes allow you to store secrets, such as database connection strings, securely. If someone tries to output a secret to a notebook, it is replaced by which of the following?


Question 5)
You are starting to use Azure Databricks, and you want to do specific network customizations, such as deploying Azure Databricks data plane resources in your own VNet. Which of the following will you configure?

  • You cannot create a custom configuration with VNets
  • VNet Peering
  • VNet Injection

Question 6)
Which of the following features are enabled through VNet injection? Select all that apply.

  • Single-IP SNAT and Firewall-based filtering via custom routing
  • On-Premises Data Access
  • Managed VNet
  • Service Endpoints

Question 7)
Which statement about the Azure Databricks Data Plane is true?

  • The Data Plane is hosted within a Microsoft-managed subscription
  • The Data Plane is hosted within the client subscription and is where all data is processed and stored
  • The Data Plane contains the Cluster Manager and coordinates data processing jobs

Question 8)
In which modes does Azure Databricks provide data encryption?

  • In-transit only
  • At-rest and in-transit
  • At-rest only

Question 9)
What does Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Passthrough enable?

  • Automatically mounting ADLS accounts to the workspace that are added to the managed resource group
  • User security groups that are added to ADLS are automatically created in the workspace as Databricks groups
  • Commands running on a configured cluster can read and write data in ADLS without configuring service principal credentials

Question 10)
What is an Azure Key Vault-backed secret scope?

  • It is the Key Vault Access Key used to securely connect to the vault and retrieve secrets
  • Databricks secret scope that is backed by Azure Key Vault instead of Databricks
  • It is a method by which you create a secure connection to Azure Key Vault from a notebook and directly access its secrets within the Spark session