Introduction to Internet of Things Week 1 Quiz Answer

In this article i am gone to share NPTEL Course Introduction to Internet of Things Unit 3 – Week 1 Assignment Quiz Answer with you..

Introduction to Internet of Things Week 1 Quiz Answer

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Unit 3 – Week 1 Quiz Answer

Assignment 1

Question 1)
Internet of Things (IoT) can be integrated with which of these separate domains:
  • Big-data networks.
  • Cyber Physical Systems.
  • Cloud-based storage and computing.
  • All of these.
Question 2)
Which of the following is true?
  • M2M is a subset of IoT
  • IoT is a subset of M2Mย 
  • IoT is a subset of CPSย 
  • CPS is a subset of Web of Things (IoT)
Question 3)
M2M is a term introduced by
  • IoT service providesย 
  • Fog computing service providers
  • Telecommunication service providersย 
  • None of these
Question 4 )
The number of possible addresses ca be achieve with IPv6 addressing
  • 2^6ย 
  • 2^26ย 
  • 2^32ย 
  • 2^128
Question 5)ย 
Which of the following is a major concern in IPv4 addressing?
  • Only addressing
  • Reliable data transmission
  • Provide multicast addressing
  • All of these
Question 6)ย 
Which of these statements regarding sensors is TRUE?
  • Sensors are input devices.ย 
  • Sensors can be analog as well as digitalย 
  • Sensors respond to some external stimuli.ย 
  • All of these.
Question 7)
A Transducers
  • increase the speed of a motor
  • convert a sensor to actuator
  • reduce the flow of current in a circuitย 
  • convert energy of one kind into anotherย 
Question 8)
Potentiometer is which of the following types of sensor?
  • Position sensor
  • Force Sensor
  • Speed sensorย 
  • Light sensorย 
Question 9)
Based on the data type, sensor can be classified in which of the two categories?
  • Scaler and Vector
  • Solid and Liquide
  • Analog and Digitalย 
  • Isomorphic and Homomorphic
Question 10)
An actuator is a component of a machine or system, which
  • senses and transmits the data
  • only receives the data from other system
  • moves or controls the mechanism or the system.
  • None of these
Question 11)
A pneumatic actuator converts
  • Force in to pressureย 
  • Pressure in to forceย 
  • Pressure in to accelerationย 
  • Force in to acceleration
Question 12)
A mechanical actuator converts
  • rotary motion in to linear motion
  • rotary motion in to electrical powerย 
  • electrical power in to rotary motion
  • Linear motion in to rotary motion
Question 13)
Shape memory polymer (SMP) actuators function similar to
  • human boneย 
  • human musclesย 
  • human bloodย 
  • None of these

Question 14)
Rack and pinion is an example of

  • Hydraulic actuator
  • Electrical actuator
  • Mechanical actuator
  • None of theseย 
Question 15)
Which of the following actuator is used to handle fragile object?
  • Soft actuator
  • Tiny actuator
  • Light actuator
  • Hydraulic actuator