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Introduction to Google SEO Week 4 Quiz Answer

In this article i am gone to share Coursera Course Introduction to Google SEO Week 4 Quiz Answer with you..

Introduction to Google SEO Week 4 Quiz Answer

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Practice Exercise Quiz Answer

Question 1) Suppose you know your audience is active on Twitter, which of the following would be a good tool to use to gather data?

  • Alexa
  • SimilarWeb
  • Followerwonk
  • AARP Analytics


Question 2) What does a persona represent?

  • Your ideal buyer
  • A cross-section of the demographic data
  • Optimized keyword content and phrases
  • Localized phrases used to describe an item like cookie vs. biscuit or soda vs. pop.


Question 3) It’s really helpful to have a buyer persona in place so you can better understand the user’s needs and how they searched the web.

  • T​rue
  • F​alse


Question 4) Personas play a major part in:(Select all that apply.)

  • C​ontent strategy
  • Strengthening your strategy
  • K​ey performance indicators
  • I​nitial keyword research


Question 5) When you’re starting out the initial process of building your marketing persona, the best place to start is:

  • f​rom new customers or users
  • t​hrough surveys of new customers
  • f​rom your existing customers or users
  • t​hrough various social media sites


Question 6) There are many ways to acquire information about your current users’ needs and behaviors that will help when you build out an ideal persona for targeting more users like them. These involve existing tools you have as well as reaching out to users directly. Those tools are:(Select all that apply.)

  • F​acebook Search
  • G​oogle Analytics
  • S​urvey your existing users
  • G​oogle Search Console
  • S​urvey new customers or users


Question 7) In marketing, you’re going to see personas split into two major groups. The first will be potential buyers, and the second will be existing customers

  • T​rue
  • F​alse


Question 8) The potential buyer is made up of:(​Select all that apply.)

  • People who are probably not aware of your product.
  • People who aren’t aware that your service exists.
  • People that have been exposed to it briefly in the past but haven’t become customers.
  • People that have a problem they’re searching for and need to figure out a solution.


Question 9) When you start developing a marketing persona, what are the two ways you can use keyword research?

  • U​se keywords that market directly to your existing and future customers.
  • U​se keywords that will identify what your product or service does.
  • Use keywords that’ll help you define your user and build your persona.​
  • Use keywords that will help you discover potential search queries that you can then match to content service offerings and more.​


Question 10) What are some things to understand about your existing customers?(Select all that apply.)

  • What they like best about your product or service.
  • What areas they think you can improve upon.
  • They are people who currently shop with you or use your service.
  • These consumers are already your customers, and they already enjoy what you offer.