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How to Host Static Website on Google Cloud

Hello friends today i am gone to teach you how you can host your static website on google cloud using Google Cloud Storage

How to Host Static Website on Google Cloud

What is Google Cloud Storage ?

Google Cloud Storage is an enterprise public cloud storage platform that can house large unstructured data sets. Companies can purchase the storage for primary or infrequently accessed data.

 What is GCP storage and storage bucket ?
The Buckets resource represents a bucket in Cloud Storage. There is a single global namespace shared by all buckets. For more information, see Bucket Name Requirements. Buckets contain objects which can be accessed by their own methods.


Let’s do particle 

Step1) First Login to your google Cloud Account:

Create Cloud Storage

In Left Sidebar Search Cloud Storage > Browser

  • Click on Browser
Search Storage

Ones you are on  Cloud Storage Browser page. Click

  • Create bucket
Create Bucket

New page Open Fill all Details:

Name your bucket

  • my_website12
  • Click Continue
Choose where to store your data
Location type
  • Multi-region
  • Click Continue
Highest availability across largest area us (multiple regions in United States)
Choose a default storage class for your data
  • Standard
  • Click Continue
Choose how to control access to objects
  • Uniform
  • Click Continue

Click Create.

settings for storage

Note: Please do not Make public write now

Step 2) Uploading your website’s files

Ones your bucket is created upload your website folder using upload folder button
  • when your folder all files uploaded
  • Go to permission tab 
  • and click to Switch to Fine Grained
  • and Select Fine Grained
upload folder


go to permission


switch edit permission


edit permission


Step 3) Sharing your files in Public

To see your website on browser you need to make public for all users.

  • Select index.html
  • click on 3 dots
  • click on edit permissions
  • Add Entry
  • Public
  • allurers
  • Reader
Click Save




Step 4) See Your Website on Browser

Now your website is Public
To view your website copy public URL and open in new tab.
If you can not find Public URL go to inside of Index.html
you will get 2 URL
  1. Public URL
  2. Authentication URL
  3. copy public URL and open in new tab


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