All about financial aid in coursera

Hello Friends in this article i am gone to share All about financial aid in coursera with you..

Coursera All about financial aid in 

I wants to know if we want to learn something from coursera by declaring financial aid do they show full course or only after payment mode they provide full access to that certification course

In Simple Words

if you apply for Financial Aid in Coursera.

  • Coursera Give you full access on a particular course.
  • But 1 condition , you to get get 80% grade if you want a certificate by coursera.

if you want to Doing specialization course in Coursera

  • you need to go for every individual course and apply Financial Aid
  • Coursera take 15 Days to Review you application
  • Once they approve your course will started
  • Once you Complete every individual Course in Coursera you will Get a specialization course Certificate.
  • If you Want to Learn Something on Coursera you Need to purchase a Course on Coursera
  • Every Course Cost is 3.5k to 4k almost.

In Case If you Don’t have Money or you cant purchase a course on Coursera and you want to get a course with certificate
  • Coursera Provide Financial Aid almost in Every Course.
  • Find your Course & Check Financial Aid is Available or Not.
All about financial aid in coursera
All about financial aid in coursera




How to Apply for Financial Aid in Coursera

1) Select your course
2) check Financial Aid is Available or Not
3) If Aid is Available
4) Click on it
5) write your application and submit..