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How to Create Linux VM instance in google cloud | GUI

Create Linux VM in google cloud

In this article i am gone to tell you how you can create your first Linux VM instance in google cloud just using some clicks


Create a Linux VM instance

  • If your Don’t have Please Create your account First..

1) In the Cloud Console, go to the Compute Engine & Select VM instances.


2) Click Create instance.
3) Give Any name to your VM instance.
4) Select Region or Zone.
5) In Machine configuration
    Select CPU type & how many CPU or Memory you want.


6) In the Boot disk section, click Change to begin configuring your boot disk.

  • On the Public images tab, choose Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.
  • Click Select.

7) In the Firewall section, select Allow HTTP traffic.

8) Click Create to create the instance. 

9) Wait 2 or 4 Minutes.


10) Once your instance is ready..
11) Click on SSH to access your Ubuntu Virtual Machine

Do Not Forget to delete your VM Instance

1) Select your instance
2) In upper navbar click on delete..
3) It will take 2 min to delete you VM instance..