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Hands-on Internet of Things Specialization Coursera Quiz Answers

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Hands-on Internet of Things Specialization Coursera Quiz Answers

Gain real-world experience with IoT. Techniques and Concepts of Internet of Things

About this Specialization

This specialization is intended for technologically minded persons who are interested in getting to know the latest in ubiquitous computing, also known as “Internet of Things”. The specialization consists of 4 courses that are composed of a basic part with lectures and quizzes, and a practical “honors” part, which includes physically assembling and implementing functionality atop a networked device (please note: while the honors part of the courses is optional, it is required to purchase hardware to complete these practical parts of the courses). The courses are meant to be taken in sequence, as each course builds on the previous one, while adding more functions to the device in the honors section. The construction of the device introduces real-world challenges and technological approaches commonly encountered in the IoT industry and builds studentsโ€™ confidence that they can do things for real.


  • How to build an autonomous networked device, how to program and connect this device, how to use wireless networking protocols.
  • Assembly of networked devices, programming of networked devices


  • Python Programming
  • Device Programming
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Machine Learning
  • Internet
  • Internet Of Things (IOT)
  • Wireless
  • Front And Back Ends
  • Service Discovery


There are 4 Courses in this Specialization

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COURSE 1) IoT Devices

COURSE 2) IoT Communications

COURSE 3) IoT Networking

COURSE 4) IoT Cloud