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Case Study: Virtual and Bare-Metal Servers Quiz Answer

In this article i am gone to share Coursera Course: Technical Support Case Studies and Capstone Week 5 Practice Quiz | Case Study: Virtual and Bare-Metal Servers Quiz Answer with you..

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Case Study: Virtual and Bare-Metal Servers Quiz Answer

Anna is a tech support agent. She takes an incoming call and speaks to a user named Sharon. The following exchange ensues:

Sharon: Hello, Anna. We need your help in deciding the best website hosting solution for our needs. The solution should offer reliable, quick deployment, high scalability, and customizable features. What would you suggest?

Anna: Hi, Sharon. First of all, is it a static or dynamic website?

Sharon: It’s a dynamic website, and it should be able to support customizations when needed.

Anna: There are a few options available for website hosting. However, I would suggest a particular one that matches your requirements.

Question 1)
What option should Anna suggest?

  • Bare-metal servers
  • Cloud object storage
  • Cloud file storage
  • Virtual servers


Question 2)
From the following answer choices below, which three are correct about bare-metal servers? Select all that apply.

  • They are multi-tenant just like virtual servers.
  • They satisfy strict compliance requirements.
  • They provide high performance and security.
  • They can be used for CPU and I/O intensive workloads, HPC, Analytics and GPU.


Sharon: That sounds like a good idea for our website. We need to be able to easily build and deploy applications, will that be a problem?

Anna: With the right resources, it should be easy to do.

Question 3)
What cloud resource type is best suitable for planning, building, and deploying applications and also includes fine grained control and security of the network?

  • Block or file storage
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Virtual machine
  • Hypervisor


Question 4)
Which of the following is true about VMs as compared to containers?

  • A VM is easily portable across operating systems and environments.
  • A VM requires less resources as compared to a container.
  • A VM is more secure than a container.
  • A VM boots up faster than a container.


Sharon: Well, this sounds like a great solution! I need to find out how this can be billed, so we can work on our budget.

Anna: Let me check on that for you.

Question 5)
What pricing model is generally unavailable while working with public cloud virtual machines?

  • Monthly
  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Seconds


Sharon: You’ve given me a lot to consider. I feel I can go out and look for a great solution now!

Anna: That’s great! Please call back if you have any other questions.