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Case Study: Database Roles and Permissions Quiz Answer

In this article i am gone to share Case Study: Database Roles and Permissions Quiz Answer with you..

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Mina is a tech support agent, and she answers a call from Stephen.

Stephen: Hello, I need access to a project database so I can add tables to it and put in information about the project. Can you get me access right now?
Mina: Hi, thanks for calling. Looking up your database, I see that access requires manager approval.

Question 1)
What is the appropriate action for this request?

  • Grant permission immediately without manager approval.
  • Tell the user you cannot fulfill this request.
  • Ask the user to provide documentation of manager approval.
  • Grant permission immediately and ask the manager for approval retroactively.


Mina: Do you have any documented permission from your manager that you can send me?
Stephen: What? I need this right now! Our project is due next week and nobody can get anything done until I can get this information into the database!

Question 2)
Stephen is becoming upset. Which of the following responses could Mina give to demonstrate a customer service mindset?

  • I hear that you’re worried about your deadlines. Let me assure you that I’ll get this done as quickly as I can for you. I will need your manager’s approval, though – it’s policy I need to follow.
  • I’m sorry, but I can’t do what you’re asking.
  • Let me put you on hold while I check a few things.
  • Perhaps it would be easier to work this out if you call back when you’re calmer.


I’m sorry, but I can’t do what you’re asking.

Stephen: Well, OK. Let me ask my manager on chat if she can send the approval to you.
Mina: Thanks! I’ll just wait then.
Stephen: I talked to her and she’s sending you that right now.
Mina: Oh great, I see it. Let’s get you set up with the database access.

Question 3)
What type of permission should Mina give to Stephen?

  • Database
  • Object
  • System
  • Company


Question 4)
Which of the following is a best practice to ensure that Stephen has only the necessary permissions?

  • Assign everyone on the team the same role.
  • Create a variety of roles that contain different level permissions for users and assign the user with a role that grants only the necessary permissions.
  • Allow the user to assign their own roles and permissions as needed.
  • Grant all permissions just in case the user needs them later.


Mina: That should let you do whatever you need to do for your team. Did you have any other questions?
Stephen: Yes – will I be able to give access to my assistant?

Question 5)
Which of the following is relevant to answering the user’s question?

  • The type of database the team uses
  • The manager’s approval for access
  • The type of permission the user has
  • The structure of the team’s database


Stephen: Thanks, that should be all for now.
Mina: Great, and please call back if you have any other issues!