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Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO Week 4 Quiz Answers

In this article i am gone to share Coursera Couse: Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO Week 4 Quiz Answers with you..

Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO Week 4 Quiz Answers

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Creating World Class Content Answers

Question 1)
True or False: Content marketing is about growing your reputation and visibility online and for that reason creating “good” content is not enough.

  • True
  • False

Question 2)
All except one of the following are factors associated with a higher correlation of shares and links. Which one on this list is not a factor noted as contributing to getting both shares and links?

  • Having an authoritative reputation
  • Presenting data-driven research studies
  • Having an audience that cares about your opinion
  • Using highly visual content like infographics and videos
  • Delivering longer-form content with value and depth

Question 3)
Why is content that gets many social media shares, not likely to get many links?

  • People like to share things that cause an emotional reaction.
  • The social media post is not using the correct keywords to attract links.
  • People like to share things that have caused them to stop and think deeply.

Question 4)
Which two of the following are not characteristics of anchor content?

  • More about emotion than authority
  • Dependent on the credibility of the author and publisher
  • Effective promotion is not a factor if your content is strong enough
  • Makes up the foundation of a strong content marketing campaign

Question 5)
Which of the following are suggested ways to leverage YouTube to build your own video channel? (Select all that apply.)

  • Publish videos on YouTube.
  • Leverage YouTube as a search engine because it is a search engine; therefore get traffic off YouTube itself.
  • Write a nice blog post about your YouTube video on your blog and include a transcript.

Question 6)
When it comes to creating video as part of your anchor content, which list below is the most important to have?

  • The right kind of mindset, the right kind of attitude, and the right kind of partners
  • The right kind of studio, the right kind of environment, and the right kind of content
  • The right kind of attitude, the right kind of equipment, and the right kind of humor

Question 7)
True or False: There are many different types of content opportunities, but the key to success in your content marketing efforts is picking the right types of content that fit your business needs and goals best.

  • True
  • False

Question 8)
Which of the following is not one of the reasons a partnership between a small organization like Ten by Ten would appeal to a giant company like Intel?

  • Intel is not interested in reaching the same audience.
  • A smaller company, like Ten by Ten, is going to be faster moving.
  • They don’t need approvals the same way that Intel would if they were trying to do the same things themselves.
  • Intel doesn’t have the budget set aside. While they have significant cash, all of that cash is allocated, so they might not have a budget to put into a project like this.

Question 9)
Which of the following accurately describes what made 7th generation’s content marketing campaign successful?

  • They made an interactive website where customers could get answers to any question they might have about their eco-friendly products.
  • They focused on creatively displaying and highlighting their eco-friendly consumer packaged goods and products in videos on YouTube.
  • They focused on creating content about eco-friendliness, and positioned themselves as a health and wellness company that just happens to produce consumer packaged goods.

Question 10)
Which of the following may help you reach these target audiences listed at right? (Select all that apply.)

  • Branded and editorial content
  • Offline content
  • Social media promotion and engagement