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Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO Week 3 Quiz Answers

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Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO Week 3 Quiz Answers

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Influence Marketing Answers

Question 1)
Which one of the following is not a way you can give influencers reasons to share your content or write about it?

  • Make it relevant.
  • Create truly excellent content.
  • Aggressively pursue a relationship with the influencer and relentlessly ask them to share your content with their audience.
  • Be trustworthy, because they will have to have a certain amount of trust in you.

Question 2)
Which of the following is not one of the steps in the process for building a good relationship with an influencer?

  • See what non-professional interests they seem to like such as sports, wine, or cars.
  • Add more value than what you expect in return.
  • Try to discover their home address and send them a personal note or drop off a gift.

Question 3)
Which is not one of the good tactics to build relationships with influencers?

  • Re-share their content.
  • Engage them in dialog online or in person.
  • Get an introduction from someone they trust.
  • Ask influencers to interview you for their audience.

Question 4)
Which of the following is considered a “hack” to help you get started with collaboration as you seek to build relationships with influencers? (Select all that apply.)

  • The Round-up Hack: where you get brief contributions on a theme from several influencers.
  • The Opportunities Hack: where you watch for opportunities on social media and respond if you can
  • Pick Low-hanging Fruit Hack: where you make the most of opportunities that become available to you

Question 5)
Which of the following is not one of the possible benefits of using Facebook in conjunction with your contact list as an advertising technique to gain extra visibility and targeted exposure for your high quality content?

  • You gain extra visibility.
  • You gain the powerful ability to target ads directly to your select email list of media and influencers.
  • Put your content in front of a look-alike audience who are similar in characteristic to everybody who is on your mailing list.
  • Make sure that your content reaches every person on your contact email list.

Question 6)
Which of the following statements are true about content marketing? (Select all that apply.)

  • Content marketing can be likened to advertising even though you are not paying for it.
  • Multiple impressions actually matter with content marketing, as they do in advertising.
  • Over time, if you’re successful, a potential linker may learn about your content or article from multiple sources.
  • When you are trying to reach a potential linker, focus your attention on trying to get reach that person by just one path. That way you don’t diffuse your energy.

Question 7)
While focusing on building relationships with influencers, which of the following is seen as being the most important?

  • Focus on establishing the right mindset before you start.
  • Focus on making sure the SEO for your site is excellent.
  • Focus on having a large enough list of influencers’ correct email addresses.
  • Focus on making sure you have lots of content to share, even if it is not of the highest quality.

Question 8)
True or False: In addition to many online ways to build relationships with influencers, it is highly recommended to attend conferences to meet with an influencer in person, 1-on-1, as shown at the pinnacle of this pyramid.

  • True
  • False

Question 9)
Which of the following completes this statement: “This is what you get if you don’t add value __________.

  • Value from others
  • A lukewarm response
  • Nothing!

Question 10)
Which one of the following is NOT a true statement when it comes to trying to build a relationship with an influencer.

  • You should study what they publish.
  • You should learn what they value.
  • It really is all about what you want
  • What matters is the value that you can offer to influencers.