Which one is better Amazon vs Flipkart?

In this article i am gone to share Which one is better Amazon vs Flipkart? with you..

Which one is better Amazon vs Flipkart?

Which one is better Amazon vs Flipkart? | Amazon and Flipkart are two of the most popular e-commerce platforms in India, offering a wide range of products and services to customers. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, and choosing one over the other depends on various factors such as price, delivery, customer service, loyalty programs, etc. Here is a brief comparison of the two platforms based on some of these criteria: Price, Delivery, Customer service, Loyalty programs, Basic History, Market Share, Revenue, Premium service, Customer reviews.

  • Price: Both Amazon and Flipkart offer competitive prices for their products, but sometimes one may have a better deal than the other. For example, Amazon may offer lower prices for books and electronics, while Flipkart may have better discounts on fashion and lifestyle products. It is advisable to compare the prices of both platforms before making a purchase decision.
  • Delivery: Amazon has a faster and more reliable delivery service than Flipkart, especially for its Prime members who get free and fast delivery for eligible products. Flipkart also offers free delivery for its Plus members, but its delivery time may vary depending on the product and location. Amazon also has a better return and refund policy than Flipkart, which makes it more convenient for customers who are not satisfied with their purchases.
  • Customer service: Amazon has a more responsive and helpful customer service than Flipkart, which can be contacted through various channels such as phone, email, chat, etc. Flipkart’s customer service is also available through these channels, but it may take longer to resolve the issues or complaints of the customers. Amazon also has a more user-friendly website and app than Flipkart, which makes it easier for customers to browse and shop online.
  • Loyalty programs: Flipkart has a more attractive loyalty program than Amazon, which is called Flipkart Plus. It is an earned program that does not require any subscription fee, and offers various benefits such as free and fast delivery, priority customer support, pay later options, and rewards from partner brands. Amazon’s loyalty program is called Amazon Prime, which requires a monthly or yearly subscription fee, and offers benefits such as free and fast delivery, Prime Video, Prime Music, etc.



  • Amazon is a global e-commerce platform that was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 in the United States. It entered the Indian market in 2013 and has since expanded its presence and offerings in the country.
  • Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company that was founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007 in Bangalore. It started as an online bookstore and later diversified into other categories. It is now owned by Walmart, an American retail giant, since 2018.


Market Share:

According to a Report by RedSeer Consulting

Amazon and Flipkart had a combined market share of 88% in the Indian e-commerce sector in 2020. However, Flipkart had a slight edge over Amazon with a 47% share, while Amazon had a 41% share. This was mainly due to Flipkart’s strong performance in categories like fashion, smartphones, and large appliances.



According to the financial statements filed by the companies

  • Flipkart reported a revenue of $9.6 billion (Rs 71,700 crore) for the financial year 2020-21.
  • Amazon reported a revenue of $7.5 billion (Rs 56,150 crore) for the same period.

This means that Flipkart earned about 28% more revenue than Amazon in India. However, Amazon also witnessed a higher growth rate of 82%, while Flipkart only saw a growth rate of 47%.


Premium service:

Amazon and Flipkart offer premium services to their customers for a better shopping experience. Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service that costs Rs 179 per month or Rs 1499 per year. It offers benefits like free and fast delivery, access to Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading, and more. Flipkart Plus is a loyalty program that is free to join but requires customers to earn coins by shopping on the platform. It offers benefits like free and fast delivery, early access to sales and deals, priority customer support, and more.


Customer reviews:

According to Comparably, a website that collects ratings and reviews from employees and customers of different companies, Amazon has an overall culture score of A+ (90/100), while Flipkart has a score of B+ (80/100). Amazon also has a higher CEO rating of A+ (94/100) for Jeff Bezos, while Flipkart has a rating of B+ (82/100) for Kalyan Krishnamurthy. However, both companies have similar ratings for customer satisfaction, product quality, and value for money.



In conclusion, Amazon and Flipkart are both leading e-commerce platforms in India that have their own strengths and weaknesses. While Flipkart has an advantage in terms of market share, revenue, and premium service, Amazon has an edge in terms of history, growth rate, and culture score. Ultimately, the choice between them depends on the customers’ preferences, needs, and expectations.