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Weekly challenge 1 The Basics of User Experience Design Quiz Answer

Hello Friends in this article i am gone to share Weekly challenge 1 The Basics of User Experience Design Quiz Answer with you..

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Weekly challenge 1: The basics of user experience design

Question 1) Fill in the blank: The user experience is _____.

  • a one-stop shop for the appearance of brands, products, and services
  • how a person, the user, feels about interacting with or experiencing a product
  • the framework of a website or how itโ€™s organized, categorized, or structured
  • the ability to understand someone elseโ€™s feelings or thoughts in a situation

Question 2) What does a T-shaped UX designer specialize in?

  • T-shaped designers specialize in a lot of areas of UX design.
  • T-shaped designers have knowledge in many areas but lack specialization.
  • T-shaped designers have a deep understanding of one kind of UX design and lack knowledge in other areas.
  • T-shaped designers specialize in one type of UX design and have a breadth of knowledge in other areas.

Question 3) Which UX design role focuses on designing the experience and functionality of a product?

  • Interaction designer
  • Motion designer
  • Visual designer
  • Production designer

Question 4) Imagine a user needs to get directions to a destination while driving. They are able to use the voice command feature on their phone to open a maps app for voice-guided directions. Is this an example of a good user experience?

  • Yes
  • No

Question 5) Debugging is part of an entry-level UX designer’s day-to-day duties.

  • True
  • False

Question 6) Which type of designer maintains a wide breadth of knowledge and responsibilities?

  • T-shapedย 
  • Generalist
  • Y-shapedย 
  • Specialist

Question 7) Which type of business is most likely to hire a specialist designer?

  • Startups
  • Design agencies
  • Small business
  • Large companies

Question 8) Fill in the blank: A startup is a good fit for beginner UX designers looking for _____.

  • one or two main projects with a defined work schedule
  • unstructured environments with top-down management
  • diverse projects and a flexible work schedule
  • fast-paced environments with less structure

Question 9) Why are program managers necessary when working in UX design?

  • Program managers ensure the process of building a product goes smoothly from start to finish through the use of clear and timely communication.
  • Program managers ensure the language within a product is clear.
  • Program managers act as a bridge between interaction designers and engineers.
  • Program managers translate the designโ€™s intent into a functioning experience.

Question 10) Which of the options below is a common characteristic of internships?

  • Internships are often short-term, lasting a few months, with limited responsibility.
  • Internships generally last a long time, around one or two years.
  • Internships are always paid.
  • Internships allow you to work for yourself and market your services to find customers.

Question 11) How does it benefit businesses to consider the user experience?

  • It helps businesses copy successful product ideas from competitors in their market segment.
  • It helps businesses limit spending on pricey user research studies, by focusing on design first.
  • It helps businesses create products that are usable and accessible to a wider range of customers.
  • It helps businesses make design decisions based on business plans, rather than user preferences.

Question 12) What does a visual designer do?

  • Focus on the experience of a product and how it functions.
  • Focus on translating the designโ€™s intent into a functioning experience.
  • Focus on what it feels like for a user to move through a product.
  • Focus on how a product or technology looks.

Question 13) Why do startups usually hire UX generalists instead of specialists?

  • Startups expose designers to a lot of different industries and get to solve unique problems.
  • Startups have thousands of employees working on lots of different projects.
  • Startups are a lot like freelancing, in that you get to work with many different brands.
  • Startups have tight budgets and few employees.

Question 14) Alex is starting a career in UX and wants to work in a company with room for growth. Alex prefers a fast-paced, unstructured work environment. Which job is a good fit for Alex?ย 

  • Working at a small startup
  • Working for a city governmentย 
  • Working for a large companyย 
  • Working at a design studio

Question 15) Which team member is responsible for translating a design into a functional product?

  • Production designer
  • Program manager
  • Engineer
  • Interaction designer

Question 16) Which of the options below is a common characteristic of freelancing in UX?

  • It requires marketing your services to businesses to find customers.
  • It requires limited responsibility.ย 
  • It requires working with an experienced professional for around one or two years.
  • It requires working closely with a supervisor to learn more about the industry.

Question 17) Which role represents a type of designer with broad knowledge in multiple areas of UX design, and a depth of knowledge in a single area?

  • Stakeholder
  • Specialist
  • T-shaped
  • Generalist

Question 18) Fill in the blank: If a user finds a product enjoyable to use, then the UX designer created a positive connection by considering the userโ€™s ______ when making the product.

  • thoughts and feelings
  • personal background
  • hobbies and interests

Question 19) What might be some of the day-to-day responsibilities of an entry-level UX designer?

  • Responding to incoming customer support tickets
  • Pitching the product to prospective customers
  • Debugging and back-end engineering
  • Prototyping and wireframing

Question 20) Choose the environment that best suits a generalist. Select all that apply.ย </b ></span >

  • Large corporations
  • Startup businesses
  • Small companies
  • Design agencies

Question 21) Alex is starting a career in UX and wants to be able to specialize in a particular UX design role and focus on one project from beginning to end. Which job is a good fit for Alex?

  • Working at a large tech company
  • Working for clients on a freelance basis
  • Working at a design studio
  • Working at an advertising agency

Question 22) What type of UX designer specializes in one kind of UX design, and has a breadth of knowledge in other areas?

  • T-shaped
  • Specialist
  • Generalist
  • Y-shaped

Question 23) What are some of the day-to-day responsibilities of an entry-level UX designer? Select all that apply.

  • Program management
  • Marketing
  • Researching
  • Wireframing

Question 24) Which type of UX designer dives deep into one particular role?

  • Generalist
  • Specialist
  • Y-shaped
  • T-shaped

Question 25) What is the user experience?

  • The user experience is the attitude the UX designer has about a product.
  • The user experience is how the developer feels about a user.ย 
  • The user experience is how the user feels about interacting with or experiencing a product.
Question 26) Which kind of designer focuses on one particular type of UX design?
  • Y-shapedย 
  • Specialist
  • T-shapedย 
  • Generalist
Question 27) What is a benefit of starting your career with an apprenticeship?
  • Apprenticeships allow you to work for yourself.</span >
  • Apprenticeships are paid.ย 
  • Apprenticeships are short-term, lasting a few months.ย 
  • Apprenticeships allow you to offer your services to a small business or nonprofit in exchange for a good recommendation.

Question 28) Which UX design role focuses on creating smooth transitions between pages of an app or website?

  • UX engineer
  • Visual designer
  • Motion designer
  • Interaction designer
Question 29) Which of the following team members does a UX designer collaborate with to understand how people use a product?
  • UX researcher
  • Motion designer
  • UX writer
  • Visual designer