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Using Keywords Effectively Quiz Answer

Using Keywords Effectively Quiz Answer

Week 2

Check your Understanding: “Using Keywords Effectively”

Question 1)
Instructions: All questions in this quiz refer to the reading, “Using Keywords Effectively.” You are allowed to refer to this reading as you answer these questions. You can open the reading in a new tab by clicking one of the links:



  • Makes you look smart
  • Gets an employer’s attention when they are looking for a match
  • Makes you sound like you’re a team player
  • Makes you sound credible (sound like you are who you say you are)
Question 2)
Where might you find key words in a job description? Choose three correct answers.

  • Job Titles
  • Qualifications
  • Responsibilities
  • Contact Information

Question 3)
Study Tomoko Martin’s resume.
Which of these keywords would match Tomoko Martin’s resume? What are some keywords she uses? Choose three correct answers.

  • multi-lingual speaker
  • Office Manager
  • Experience managing a busy office environment