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Test your knowledge: Incident response Quiz Answers

In this article i am gone to share Coursera Course: Play It Safe: Manage Security Risks Week 4 Practice Quiz | Test your knowledge: Incident response Quiz Answers with you..

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Test your knowledge: Incident response Quiz Answers

Question 1)
In the event of a security incident, when would it be appropriate to refer to an incident response playbook?

  • Throughout the entire incident
  • At least one month after the incident is over
  • Only prior to the incident occurring
  • Only when the incident first occurs

Question 2)
Fill in the blank: During the _____ phase, security professionals use tools and strategies to determine whether a breach has occurred and to evaluate its potential magnitude.

  • preparation
  • containment
  • coordination
  • detection and analysis

Question 3)
In which incident response playbook phase would a security team document an incident to ensure that their organization is better prepared to handle future security events?

  • Coordination
  • Post-incident activity
  • Eradication and recovery
  • Containment

Question 4)
What is the relationship between SIEM tools and playbooks?

  • They work together to predict future threats and eliminate the need for human intervention.
  • Playbooks collect and analyze data, then SIEM tools guide the response process.
  • Playbooks detect threats and generate alerts, then SIEM tools provide the security team with a proven strategy.
  • They work together to provide a structured and efficient way of responding to security incidents.