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Test your knowledge: Ethics in cybersecurity Quiz Answers

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Test your knowledge: Frameworks and controls Quiz Answers

Question 1)
An employee trained to handle PII and SPII leaves confidential patient information unlocked in a public area. Which ethical principles does this violate? Select all that apply.

  • Laws
  • Privacy protections
  • Confidentiality
  • Remaining unbiased

Question 2)
Fill in the blank: Privacy protection means safeguarding _____ from unauthorized use.

  • business networks
  • compliance processes
  • personal information
  • documentation

Question 3)
You receive a text message on your personal device from your manager stating that they cannot access the companyโ€™s secured online database. Theyโ€™re updating the companyโ€™s monthly party schedule and need another employeeโ€™s birth date right away. Your organizationโ€™s policies and procedures state that employee information should never be accessed or shared through personal communication channels. What should you do?

  • Ask your manager to provide proof of their inability to access the database.
  • Request identification from your manager to ensure the text message is authentic; then, provide the birth date.
  • Give your manager the employee’s birth date; a party is a friendly gesture.
  • Respectfully decline, then remind your manager of the organization’s guidelines.

Question 4)
You work for a U.S.-based utility company that suffers a data breach. Several hacktivist groups claim responsibility for the attack. However, there is no evidence to verify their claims. What is the most ethical way to respond to this incident?

  • Target a specific hacktivist group as a warning to the others.
  • Escalate the situation by involving other organizations that have been targeted.
  • Improve the company’s defenses to help prevent future attacks.
  • Conduct cyberattacks against each hacktivist group that claimed responsibility.