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Test your knowledge: Communicate for impact Quiz Answer

In this article i am gone to share Coursera Course: Put It to Work: Prepare for Cybersecurity Jobs Week 3 Practice Quiz | Test your knowledge Communicate for impact Quiz Answer with you..

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Test your knowledge: Communicate for impact Quiz Answer

Question 1)
Which of the following are stakeholder communication best practices? Select all that apply.

  • They should avoid unnecessary jargon
  • They should have a clear purpose
  • They should be precise
  • They should be urgent in order to gain the stakeholders’ attention.

Question 2)
Fill in the blank: Information that is communicated to stakeholders is _____.

  • public knowledge
  • classified
  • trivial
  • sensitive

Question 3)
What actions can a security analyst take to learn what matters to the stakeholders they communicate with?

  • Send emails to the same stakeholder throughout the day to learn which email the stakeholder responds to.
  • Ask stakeholders questions about the data and assets they are responsible for protecting.
  • Wait for the stakeholder to provide information about what matters to them.
  • Reach out to the stakeholders’ immediate supervisor for better clarity on the needs of the stakeholder.

Question 4)
Fill in the blank: Graphs, charts, videos, and dashboards are examples of _____ communications that are created to provide and compare important data and metrics with stakeholders.

  • audio
  • visual
  • cybersecurity
  • technical