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Pointers in C HackerRank Solution

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In this challenge, you will learn to implement the basic functionalities of pointers in C. A pointer in C is a way to share a memory address among different contexts (primarily functions). They are primarily used whenever a function needs to modify the content of a variable that it does not own.

In order to access the memory address of a variable, val, prepend it with & sign. For example, &val returns the memory address of val.

his memory address is assigned to a pointer and can be shared among various functions. For example,

int*p = &val will assign the memory address of val to pointer p. To access the content of the memory to which the pointer points, prepend it with a *. For example, *p will return the value reflected by val and any modification to it will be reflected at the source (val).

void increment(int *v) {
int main() {
int a;
scanf("%d", &a);
printf("%d", a);
return 0; 


Complete the function void update(int *a,int *b). It receives two integer pointers, int* a and int* b. Set the value of a to their sum, and b to their absolute difference. There is no return value, and no return statement is needed.

  • a= a+b
  • b=|a-b|

Input Format

The input will contain two integers, a and b, separated by a newline.

Output Format

Modify the two values in place and the code stub main() will print their values.

Note: Input/ouput will be automatically handled. You only have to complete the function described in the ‘task’ section.

Sample Input


Sample Output



a'= 4+5=9

Hackerrank  C programming Solutions

Pointers in C Hackerrank Solution

#include <stdio.h>

void update(int *a,int *b) {

// Complete this function 

int sum,diff;
sum = *a+*b;
diff = abs(*a-*b);
*a = sum;
*b = diff;

int main() {
int a, b;
int *pa = &a, *pb = &b;

scanf("%d %d", &a, &b);
update(pa, pb);
printf("%d\n%d", a, b);

return 0;

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