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Peer-graded Assignment: Review a peer’s portfolio Solution

In this article i am gone to share Advanced React by Meta Week 4 | Peer-graded Assignment: Review a peer’s portfolio Solution with you..

How to create and submit your assignment

Your portfolio app has to be a React app. You can develop this app in any lab environment that you have used earlier in this course. Alternatively, you can use VS Code on your local machine. The reading

  • Setting up a React project in VS Code
  • Provides the steps on how to set up VS Code on your computer if you choose to do so.
  • If you plan on using a lab environment that you have used previously, your work will only be available during that session.

Note: Make sure that you download your files before exiting the lab environment. Importantly, please keep in mind that you should uncheck the node_modules folder when downloading the files from the code lab.

To work on your project again later, you can open the React app on your local machine and copy and paste the code into the template files in the lab again. Remember to download the edited versions again at the end of the session.

To submit your project you need to download your files to your local machine by right-clicking on them in the Explorer panel and selecting “Download”.

You will be required to submit your React app by uploading a zipped project folder that contains your app’s code. To learn more about how to zip and unzip folders visit the Mac or Windows support page.

Project Look Like

Peer-graded Assignment: Review a peer's portfolio Solution


Important note: Before uploading your solution, make sure to delete the node_modules folder from your project. This will save about 500Mb on the upload which will ensure that you can upload the file.


Peer-graded Assignment: Review a peer’s portfolio Solution

Download this Zip File and then Extract it or test it | Make Some Changes if you want and just upload it..

Download Now -- Google Drive Link 
Direct Download -- Faster Download