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Module Quiz: UI Frameworks Quiz Answers

In this article i am gone to share Coursera Course: Introduction to Front-End Development Week 3 | Module Quiz: UI Frameworks Quiz Answers with you..

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Module Quiz: UI Frameworks Quiz Answers

Question 1)
If a library depends on another library, it forms a ______________.

  • Framework Tree
  • Dependency Tree
  • Dependency Document
  • Library Box

Question 2)
How many columns does Bootstrap’s responsive grid consist of?

  • 10
  • 8
  • 14
  • 12

Question 3)
To change the style of a Bootstrap component, you use ______________.

  • an infix
  • a modifier

Question 4)
To improve performance, web servers can keep a copy of dynamic content in a ______________.

  • Cloud
  • Cache
  • DOM

Question 5)
What are the two main approaches for serving code and resources in a Single Page Application called? Select two.

  • Packets
  • Bundling
  • Code Boxing
  • Code Splitting

Question 6)
React is a ______________ that can be used to create single page applications.

  • Library
  • Framework

Question 7)
Components allow developers to improve development efficiency by reusing code.

  • True
  • False

Question 8)
A React application is built up of a tree of components called the Component ______________.

  • Branch
  • Root
  • Hierarchy
  • Library


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