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Module quiz: Security administration Quiz Answers

In this article i am gone to share  Coursera Course: Cybersecurity Management and Compliance | Week 1 Quiz | Module quiz: Security administration Quiz Answers with you..

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Module quiz: Security administration Quiz Answers

Question 1)
You are a system administrator responsible for ensuring that user identities remain accessible during an outage. Which method or feature from Azure would best ensure that user identities managed by services remain available during outages?

  • Use Availability Set in Azure.
  • Making user identities accessible at the secondary location using methods such as profile containers.
  • Deploying multiple Pooled host pools across regions.

Question 2)
True or False: Azure’s network architecture utilizes the OSI model Layer 3 routing to eliminate traffic loops and employs Equal-Cost Multi-Path (ECMP) Routing for high redundancy and bandwidth.

  • True
  • False

Question 3)
Your organization wants to integrate Azure into your existing IT environment.
What should you consider regarding the identity integration requirements?

  • The complexity of the organization’s on-premises Active Directory infrastructure.
  • The brand of the organization’s existing hardware.
  • The organization’s yearly revenue.

Question 4)
What is the primary aim of the ‘Planning’ stage in the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)?

  • Defining workloads, establishing iterations and release plans, estimating timelines, and integrating required assets.
  • Prioritizing cloud platforms to use.
  • Only reviewing rationalization decisions.

Question 5)
Samantha is considering using a tech service for her business and is keen on ensuring that her customers’ data won’t be used for advertising purposes. She comes across Microsoft’s data privacy principles. Which principle should she be particularly interested in?

  • Legal Protections
  • No Content-Based Targeting
  • Benefits for the Customer

Question 6)
True or False: The Data Subject Requests (DSR) section in the Service Trust Portal helps users locate, export, and erase data across Microsoft’s cloud services.

  • True
  • False

Question 7)
True or False: The optional enhancements of CSPM in Microsoft Defender for Cloud are available free of charge.

  • True
  • False

Question 8)
Which pillar of the Azure Well-Architected Framework focuses on ensuring an application’s uptime and its ability to recover from failures?

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Cost Optimization

Question 9)
Your company is designing a backup region for the shipment tracking portal to handle potential failures in the East US Azure region.
Which of the following components will you need to specifically account for, given it is confined to a single region and can’t automatically operate in a different region without provisioning another instance?

  • Application Gateway
  • Azure DNS
  • Azure CDN

Question 10)
Imagine you are designing a geographically distributed application for a shipping company that heavily relies on HTTPS traffic. You want a global load balancer that supports filtering and routing based on HTTP properties. Which Azure component would you prioritize?

  • Azure Traffic Manager
  • Azure CDN
  • Azure Front Door



Question 11)
True or False: Azure’s Virtual Desktop service cannot safeguard customer metadata during outages.

  • True
  • False

Question 12)
Imagine you’re a data security consultant. A company approaches you with concerns about securely storing data on the cloud. They want to ensure data encryption both in-transit and at rest. How would you advise them based on Microsoft Azure’s capabilities?

  • Azure offers encryption only for data at rest using Azure Key Vault, but does not support encryption for in-transit data.
  • With Azure, you can utilize various encryption capabilities such as Azure Key Vault, Disk Encryption, and Storage Service Encryption for data at rest. For in-transit data, options include Virtual Private Networks, Transport Layer Security, and protocols on Azure VMs.
  • Azure does not provide encryption features for data at rest or in-transit, so you might want to consider other platforms.

Question 13)
True or False: In Azure CAF, Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a non-essential design area that focuses on optional security measures.

  • True
  • False

Question 14)
True or False: Microsoft uses email, chat, files, or other personal content to target advertising to users.

  • True
  • False

Question 15)
Complete the following sentence. The Azure component that enhances the delivery of static content globally by caching graphics for the website is _____.

  • Azure CDN
  • Azure App Service
  • Azure DNS

Question 16)
True or False: Azure Active Directory requires modifications for multi-region functionality.

  • True
  • False

Question 17)
Which of the following statements accurately describes Azure’s approach to data security?

  • Azure support personnel have default access to customer virtual machines.
  • Microsoft monitors and claims ownership over customer data stored on Azure.
  • Customers can encrypt data at rest in Azure using Azure Key Vault, Disk Encryption, and Storage Service Encryption.

Question 18)
True or False: The Azure Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) is solely about providing technical assistance without any emphasis on business strategies.

  • True
  • False

Question 19)
Aria, a cloud security analyst, is working on improving the security posture of her organization’s multi-cloud environments. She needs real-time access to critical risks and desires a unified visibility of security posture across multiple cloud services.
Which platform integrated with CSPM should she consider utilizing for this purpose?

  • Cloud Security Explorer
  • DevOps Connector
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Question 20)
You are a Solutions Architect helping a company transition to Microsoft Azure. The leadership team wants to understand the initial steps in building an Azure cloud adoption plan based on the Azure CAF.
What should you emphasize as the starting point?

  • Ensuring that all prerequisite steps are completed, including strategic inputs like motivations for cloud adoption and tactical inputs like organizational alignment.
  • Directly jumping to reviewing rationalization decisions.
  • Immediately defining and prioritizing the top 100 workloads.

Question 21)
John is the Data Privacy Officer for a U.S. government agency and is concerned about complying with data protection laws. He’s particularly interested in tools that can help his agency respond to data subject requests as required by the law. Which section of the Microsoft Service Trust Portal should John consult to best meet his requirements?

  • Industry and Regional Resources – Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Certifications, Regulations and Standards
  • Data Privacy and Compliance Tools – Data Subject Requests (DSR) section

Question 22)
Which is a foundational capability of CSPM in Microsoft Defender for Cloud?

  • Security recommendations
  • Agent-based vulnerability scanning
  • Advanced threat hunting

Question 23)
Which component replaces Azure Application Gateway to handle traffic from the East US region to the West US region in case of regional failure?

  • Azure Front Door
  • Azure Traffic Manager
  • Azure CDN

Question 24)
Which of the following services provided by Azure is specifically designed for virtual machine (VM) replication for disaster recovery?

  • Azure Backup
  • Azure Site Recovery
  • Azure Knowledge Center

Question 25)
Complete the following sentence. The _____ stage of the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework lifecycle focuses on defining the business justification for adopting cloud technologies.

  • Strategy
  • Migrate
  • Manage

Question 26)
True or False: Azure datacenters can never be affected by weather events like hurricanes or floods.

  • True
  • False

Question 27)
Which of the following best describes the primary purpose of the Microsoft Service Trust Portal (STP)?

  • The STP is a customer support portal for Microsoft’s cloud services.
  • The STP is primarily a tool for reporting data breaches.
  • The STP serves as a hub for resources related to the security and compliance of Microsoft cloud services.

Question 28)
In the realm of cloud-based applications, the primary goal is to prevent failures at all costs.

  • True
  • False

Question 29)
Complete the following sentence. The principle used by Microsoft that ensures users are well-informed about how their data is collected, processed, and shared is ________________.

  • Transparency
  • Control
  • Security