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Module quiz: Policies, initiatives and recommendations Quiz Answers

In this article i am gone to share Coursera Course: Identity Protection and Governance by Microsoft | Week 2 Quiz | Module quiz: Policies, initiatives and recommendations Quiz Answers with you..

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Module quiz: Policies, initiatives and recommendations Quiz Answers

Question 1)
Samantha is a security manager in the enterprise. She knows about cloud security and different scopes of responsibilities that exist depending on the kinds of services she will use. During her project, she wants to build an application very easily with low maintenance. Which service will she use to make her task easy?

  • Software as a service
  • Platform as a service
  • On-premises datacenter
  • Infrastructure as a service

Question 2)
Suppose you are a cloud administrator in a consulting firm. You want to ensure all resources and services deployed in Azure comply with the company’s security and compliance policies, but you found that there is an environmental impact, and your current resources are labeled as non-compliant. What will be your solution to make these resources compliant?

  • You will create exclusion concepts to assist in excluding the resources.
  • You will apply single policy assignments.
  • You will apply data to power the compliance view to aggregate results across the applied policies.
  • You will create a remediation job.

Question 3)
Jana is a cloud engineer. While auditing Azure Cosmos DB accounts, she found traffic from untrusted resources. For the safe side, she sets up the firewall rules on your Azure Cosmos DB accounts. Which policy applies to Azure DB accounts to prevent untrusted traffic?

  • She should enable policy auditing on the SQL server.
  • She should apply the policy from Azure Cosmos DB accounts which should have firewall rules.
  • She should apply the policy Azure Cosmos DB accounts to use customer-managed keys to encrypt data at rest.
  • She should apply the policy Azure Cosmos DB allowed locations.

Question 4)
Suppose you are a resource manager. As a part of your job responsibilities, you want to enforce and manage compliance across the Azure resources. To do so, you are referring to the Azure policies and its definition. Now, while referring to a code, you came across additional context and information. Which policy definition will fit here?

  • Mode
  • Parameter
  • Metadata
  • Description

Question 5)
Imagine that as a resource manager, User1 has requested to create new resource non-tag properties and add additional fields. Which Azure policy effect will you use to meet this criterion?

  • Disable
  • Append
  • Audit
  • Deny

Question 6)
As an IT administrator, you want to implement a group of policies to ensure compliance and security across the company’s Azure resources. Identify some practical functions for the security recommendations while creating group policies. Select all that apply.

  • Initiative
  • Recommendations
  • Edit default built-in initiative
  • Policies

Question 7)
Suppose you are a resource manager and you came across Azure initiatives that have 10 policies. Assume an initiative contains 10 policies, but a resource is exempt from one policy and remains compliant with the other nine policies. How will you register this resource in the rolled-up summary?

  • As exempt
  • As compliant
  • As conflict
  • As non-compliant

Question 8)
Which built-in initiative will allow you to directly assign initiative or manage its policies and compliance results within Microsoft Defender for Cloud?

  • Configure Advanced Threat Protection to be enabled on open-source relational databases
  • Configure Microsoft Defender for Databases to be enabled
  • Configure Azure Defender to be enabled on SQL Servers and SQL Managed Instances
  • Azure Security Benchmark

Question 9)
Imagine you’re a security engineer in a retail company and your company has moved to the cloud system recently. Which of the following will help you to enable a cloud security approach? Select all that apply.

  • Using cloud intelligence to improve detection or response time
  • Moving commodity responsibilities to the provider but do not reallocate your resources
  • Helps to share duties with the resource provider
  • Leveraging cloud-based security capabilities for more effectiveness

Question 10)
Which of the following initiatives has been given a new name ‘Enable Azure Monitor for virtual machines (VMs) with Azure Monitoring Agent (AMA)’ within the built-in initiative – Monitoring?

  • Configure Linux machines to run Azure Monitor Agent and associate them to a Data Collection Rule
  • Deploy Linux Azure Monitor Agent with user-assigned managed identity-based auth and associate with Data Collection Rule
  • Configure Windows machines to run Azure Monitor Agent and associate them to a Data Collection Rule
  • Legacy – Enable Azure Monitor for the Virtual Machine Scale Sets