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Module 3 Graded Quiz: Cybersecurity Certifications Quiz Answers

In this article i am gone to share Coursera Course: Introduction to Cybersecurity Careers | Week3 Quiz | Module 3 Graded Quiz: Cybersecurity Certifications Quiz Answers with you..

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Module 3 Graded Quiz: Cybersecurity Certifications Quiz Answers

Question 1)
What is the advantage of combining a degree with a Cybersecurity certification?

  • Unlimited acceptance globally
  • Sets the candidate apart from others
  • Can open opportunities for networking
  • Can command higher salaries

Question 2)
How does networking help cybersecurity professionals?

  • Leads to learning about new job opportunities
  • Serves as proof that you were able to learn new skills and pass a certification exam
  • Demonstrates a professional’s commitment and competence
  • Opens opportunities for promotion and higher-level responsibilities

Question 3)
Which CompTIA certification is ideal for installing, configuring, and managing the basic infrastructure of an organization with branches all over the world?

  • Network +
  • CYSA+
  • CASP+
  • A+

Question 4)
CompTIA certification is ideal for IT professionals for roles such as Penetration Testers, Vulnerability Testers, or Security Analysts?

  • Security +
  • Network +
  • CYSA+
  • Pen Test+

Question 5)
Which GIAC certification suits forensic analysts, digital examiners, and threat-hunting specialists?

  • GX-IH
  • GX-FA
  • GLEG
  • GCIA

Question 6)
Which certification is ideal for individuals looking to demonstrate their knowledge of risk management within the banking industry?

  • CERP
  • GCIP

Question 7)
What should you consider while choosing the proper certification for cybersecurity?

  • Opinion of other professionals
  • Duration of the exam
  • Career goals
  • The eligibility requirement

Question 8)
How should you tackle challenging questions in the exam?

  • Bookmark and come back later
  • Spend some time to remember the answer
  • Ignore the question
  • Take stress

Question 9)
How can practice exams help you prepare for the exam?

  • Get familiar with exam format and style
  • Explain concepts
  • Provide moral support
  • Resolve doubts

Question 10)
How can you actively engage with the study material?

  • Review answers
  • Explain the concept to someone else
  • Cover all exam objectives
  • Experience pressure of time constraints