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Microsoft Azure Services and Lifecycles Week 2 Quiz Answer

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Microsoft Azure Services
and Lifecycles Week 2 Quiz Answer

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Knowledge check

Question 1)
Your company has migrated to Azure cloud services and management wish to chargeback some of the resource cost to various departments on a monthly basis. Which in your opinion is the best solution to meet these requirements with the least amount of administrative effort?
  • Create Subscriptions for each department
  • Manually track using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  • Tags
Question 2)
Your Azure deployment consists of multiple subscriptions and resourcegroups. You need to restrict the actions that some of your users can carry out. You are required to allow some users to manage VM’s without having permission to make configuration changes to networking etc. Which of the following solutions allow you to do this?
  • Create multiple Resource Groups.
  • Use Azure AD Role Based Access Control (Azure RBAC) to create role assignments.
  • Create policies in Azure Policy that will audit resource usage.
Question 3)
Resource Locks in Azure cloud services prevent accidental changes or deletions. Which of the following are valid options when configuring Resource Locks? Select 2 options.
  • ReadOnly
  • CanNotDelete
  • CanNotModify
Question 4)
Azure Policy is a service in Azure that enables you to create, assign, and manage policies that control or audit your resources. These policies enforce different rules and effects over your resource configurations so that those configurations stay compliant with corporate standards.
Select Yes if you agree with the following statement otherwise select No:
Azure Policy initiatives are a way of grouping related policies into one set.
  • Yes
  • No
Question 5)
An Azure Blueprint is composed of artifacts. Which of the following resources as artifacts are currently supported by Azure Blueprints? Select 3 options.
  • ARM Templates
  • Role Assignment
  • Management Groups
  • Policy Assignment


Test prep

Question 1)
Tags provide extra information, or metadata, about your resources. What is the easiest way to apply tags to resources that reside within a Resource Group?
  • Apply a Tag directly to the Resource Group and all resources within that Group will automatically receive this Tag
  • Create an Azure Policy
Question 2)
Azure Virtual machines come in different SKU sizes and cost. Your company want to limit the choices available to users when creating new virtual machines to ensure that they only deploy cost-effective virtual machine sizes. What do you think is the best way of doing this?
  • Periodically inspect the deployment manually to see which SKU sizes are used.
  • Create an Azure RBAC role that defines the allowed virtual machine SKU sizes.
  • Create a new Azure Policy that only displays the preferred SKU sizes.
Question 3)
In Azure cloud services Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is applied to a scope, which is a resource or set of resources that this access applies to. Select Yes if you believe the following statement is Correct or No if you believe it is incorrect
When you grant access at a parent scope, those permissions are inherited by all child scopes.
  • Yes
  • No