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Microsoft Azure for Data Engineering Week 3 | Course practice exam Quiz Answers

In this article i am gone to share Microsoft Azure for Data Engineering Week 3 | Course practice exam Quiz Answers with you..

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Microsoft Azure for Data Engineering Week 3 | Course practice exam Quiz Answers


Course practice exam Quiz Answers

Question 1)
In Azure Synapse Analytics, the Data Movement Service (DMS) coordinates and transports data between compute nodes as necessary. Azure Synapse Analytics supports which types of distributed tables. Select all options that apply.

  • Relational Tables
  • Hash
  • Round Robin
  • Replicated

Question 2)
Azure HDInsight provides technologies for ingesting, processing, and analyzing big data to support batch processing, data warehousing, IoT, and Data Science. Which of the following technologies integrated into HDInsight provides a NoSQL database built upon Hadoop commonly used for search engines and includes automatic failover?

  • Apache Storm
  • Apache HBase
  • Apache Kafka

Question 3)
Which of the following is an example of unstructured data?

  • A JSON File
  • A Products table
  • Audio Files

Question 4)
Which one of the following is a benefit of using the Azure SQL Database cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) service rather than on-premises database management systems?

  • Increased functionality
  • Increased day to day management costs
  • Increased scalability

Question 5)
Which of the following is an Azure database product that works with non-relational data such as JSON data?

  • Cosmos DB
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Blob Storage
  • SQL Server

Question 6)
Which storage solution supports role-based access control (RBAC) at the file and folder level?

  • Azure Blob storage
  • Azure Disk Storage
  • Azure Data Lake Storage

Question 7)
Which service in Azure consists of input and output pipelines, and can be used to process streaming data?

  • Stream Analytics Job
  • Azure Databricks
  • Synapse Analytics

Question 8)
Data Engineers configure ingestion components of Azure Stream Analytics by configuring data inputs from sources including Azure Event Hubs, Azure IoT Hub, or Azure Blob storage.

Which of the following is a feature of Azure Event Hub?

  • Partitioned consumer model
  • Azure Storage
  • Big data streaming service

Question 9)
Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 is designed to store massive amounts of data for big-data analytics. Features of Azure Data Lake include which of the following. Select all options that apply.

  • Security support for access control lists (ACLs)
  • Hadoop compatibility
  • Limited support for Zone Redundant storage
  • Unlimited scalability

Question 10)
Synapse SQL offers both serverless and dedicated resource models to work with both descriptive and diagnostic analytical scenarios. To provide predictable performance and cost, you should create which of the following?

  • Serverless SQL endpoints
  • Dedicated SQL pools


Question 11)
As part of an ETL process, data in date-formats may be modified to match the destination format. At what step in the ETL process is this carried out?

  • Transformation
  • Load
  • Extraction

Question 12)
Which of the following describes the collection of real-time telemetry data?

  • Batch Processing
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Stream Processing
  • Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)

Question 13)
Which Cosmos DB API works with Graph Databases?

  • CassandraDB
  • Gremlin
  • Table
  • MongoDB

Question 14)
Which of the following services in Microsoft Azure are used to process data?

Select all options that apply.

  • Stream Analytics Job
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Event Hub
  • Synapse Analytics

Question 15)
What is the purpose of data ingestion?

  • To carry out complex data transformations on data received from external sources.
  • To capture data flowing into a data warehouse as quickly as possible.
  • To visualize the results of data analysis.

Question 16)
Which of the following services can be used to ingest data into Azure Synapse Analytics?

Select all options that apply.

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Storage Explorer

Question 17)
Which of the following is not a data job role?

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Administrator
  • Systems Administrator

Question 18)
Which of the following is a cloud integration service that orchestrates the movement of data between various data stores?

  • Azure HDInsight
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Synapse Analytics

Question 19)
Data that is continuously sent to a system for further processing in real-time is an example of which of the following data types?

  • Streaming data
  • Relational data
  • Batch data

Question 20)
Nonstructured data is stored in nonrelational systems, commonly called unstructured or NoSQL systems. Which of the following are types of NoSQL databases?
Select all options that apply.

  • Document databases.
  • Column database
  • Relational database
  • Key-value store
  • Graph database