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Japanese Cities’ Attributes Solution

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Query all attributes of every Japanese city in the CITY table. The COUNTRYCODE for Japan is JPN.

The CITY table is described as follows:

Field Type


Solution – Japanese Cities’ Attributes

MySQL Code



Japanese culture is a set of values that puts importance on social harmony and hard work. Up until the 10th century, Japanese culture was similar to the Chinese culture, but the rise of the samurai in the Heian Period and the isolation during the Edo Period changed the rules of society. Overall, the culture was influenced by the local Shinto religion, Buddhism, Confucianism and the limited natural resources.

While Japanese lifestyle has been Westernized recently, Japanese people still do everything possible to preserve their rich cultural heritage by practicing tea ceremony, wearing kimono and studying traditional arts and crafts from early childhood.

Since harmony is very important in Japan, there are many customs, traditions and etiquette rules to create social bonding between people.

Some of the interesting traditions that surprise foreigners are:

  • Taking off shoes when entering someone’s house
  • Wearing a mask when sick
  • Not shaking hands and not hugging when meeting with loved ones
  • Bowing 45 degrees to show respect
  • Making the slurping sound when eating noodles
  • Symbolically washing hands when entering a shrine
  • Wearing slippers when using the restroom
  • Decorate one’s house with dolls for the annual “girls day” and decorate the house with the samurai figure for the annual “boys day”
  • Throwing beans at people who dressed as demons during the “setsubun” festival
  • Eating a special meal called “osechi” during the new year’s day
  • Bathing in the evening rather than in the morning
  • Participating in the firework festivals or bon odori festivals during the summer by wearing a yukata.



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