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Google SEO Fundamentals Week 2 Quiz Answer

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Google SEO Fundamentals Week 2 Quiz Answer

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Week- 2 Practice Exercise | Off-site SEO Review

Question 1) How did page rank used to be determined? (Select all that apply.)

  • By the amount of links to your website
  • By an exponential rank from 0-10
  • By the quality of links to your website
  • By the number of visitors to your website

Question 2) What IS NOT a best practice for creating strong site authority through links?

  • Try to remove spammy links
  • Have a link exchange with another website
  • Edit your back link profile regularly
  • Make sure that good keywords in anchor text is used for links

Question 3) A natural link profile would have a link such as:(Select all that apply.)

  • Click here
  • Anchor text surrounded by content that relates

Question 4) Why is social media an important tool of off-page SEO? (Select all that apply.)

  • It helps to build a brand
  • Some social media pages are crawled and indexed
  • Social media can improve site authority just like any other link

Question 5) What IS NOT an opportunity of Pinterest?

  • Pins and boards are indexed
  • Ranks well for long tail niche keywords
  • Pinterest can create a strong back link profile to your website
  • Boards with more active followers rank better in searches

Question 6) Which elements make up an effective Off-site SEO strategy? (Select all that apply.)

  • Check Toolbar PageRank
  • Gain genuine, high-quality links to your site.
  • Increase brand recognition through social media.

Question 7) Which of the following are best practices to earn links naturally and be judged well by Google? (Select all that apply.)

  • Quality of links back to your site
  • Having requests for “no follow” code on links
  • The relevance of sites linking to your site.
  • Skillfully manipulating other sites to link to your site
  • Gaining a high amount of links to your site from other related sites attracted by good content

Question 8) Which of the following are good ways to earn links to your site naturally? (Select all that apply.)

  • Cater to your user base
  • Purchase links from related sites
  • Provide great content for your user base
  • Create a great user experience on your site 

Question 9) Which of the following are ways to optimize social media as part of your overall SEO strategy? (Select all that apply.)

  • Optimize your Pinterest boards.
  • Neglect “no follow” links because they have no SEO benefit.
  • Make attention to social media part of your overall SEO strategy, but you don’t need to focus on it until much later in the process
  • Create great content that is attractive as a Tweet or Re-Tweet.

Question 10) In which of the following ways can link analysis benefit your SEO? (Select all that apply.)

  • Avoid penalties
  • Maximize backlinks
  • Improve site authority