Google Cloud Computing Foundations Week 1 Quiz Answer

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Google Cloud Computing Foundations Week 1 Quiz Answer | NPTEL

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Week 1 Quiz Answer

Question 1) What type of service best describes Google Kubernetes Engine?

  • IAAS
  • Hybrid
  • PAAS
  • SAAS

Question 2) The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) hierarchy helps you manage resources across multiple departments and multiple teams within an organization.
Which of the following is at the lowest level of this hierarchy?

  • Organization
  • Folder
  • Resource
  • Project

Question 3) Projects form part of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) resources hierarchy. Which of the following is true concerning projects?

  • GCP Project IDs do not need to be unique
  • You can nest projects inside projects
  • Folders are nested under the project
  • All resources must be associated with a project.

Question 4) Cloud Identity and Access Management (Cloud IAM) allows you to manage privileges. What do these privileges apply to?

  • Application
  • Operating System
  • Google Cloud Platform Resources
  • Applications, GCP, and Operating Systems

Question 5) Google Cloud provides resources in multi-regions, regions, and zones. What best describes a zone?

  • An edge location
  • A point of presence (PoP).
  • One or more data centers
  • Geographic location to leverage services.

Question 6) Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides a variety of service choices. Which of the following services is infrastructure as a service (IaaS)?

  • App Engine
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Google Cloud Function

Question 7) Which of the following best describes the major advantages GCP has over other cloud providers?

  • Google uses satellite links as a way of interconnecting Regions, Zones, and POPS.
  • Google leverages traditional networking gear from commercial vendors
  • Google leases fiber from multiple vendors. In the event of a vendor’s fiber failing, another vendor’s network can be used as a backup.
  • Google owns one of the largest networks in the world. All regions and zones are connected on the same network

Question 8)
A zone is a deployment area for Google Cloud resources within a region. Which of the following is a zonal service?

  • Cloud Datastore
  • HTTPS Load Balancer
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Google Cloud Virtual machine

Question 9) What does it mean for a system to be elastic?

  • The system is multi-cloud.
  • The system can bounce back after an outage.
  • The system can be moved from region to region.
  • The system can add and remove resources based on need.

Question 10) What is the purpose of a folder?

  • Used to organize users
  • Used to organize projects
  • Used to organize resources.
  • Folders are not part of the hierarchy.

Question 11) True or False. Using Cloud Shell, you can manage your projects and resources easily without having to install the Cloud SDK

  • True
  • False

Question 12) Which command line tool can be used to manage Cloud Storage?

  • kubectl
  • gcloud
  • gsutil
  • bq

Question 13) How would you configure the Cloud SDK to work on your laptop?

  • Run the gcloud init command.
  • Sync your laptop with Cloud Shell.
  • Edit the .profile file of the SDK.
  • Download the config file from

Question 14) Every GCP service you use is associated with a project. Which of the following statements regarding projects are correct?

  • Projects have a single owner
  • A project cannot be restored once deleted.
  • Projects are billed and managed collectively.
  • Projects are the basis for enabling and using GCP services.
  • Each project is a separate account, and each resource belongs to exactly one project
Question 15) True or False. Cloud Shell code editor is one of the developer tools built into the GCP console
  • True
  • False

Question 16) In what format will a majority of the APIs return data in?

  • XML
  • YAML
  • JSON
  • YAML

Question 17) What best describes the purpose of quotas?

  • Quotas are used to send billing alerts
  • Configuration used to prevent billing surprises
  • Configuration used by Google to prevent building large systems
  • Configuration used to prevent over consumption due to malicious attacks.
  • Quotas can automatically build infrastructure based on Stack driver metrics.

Question 18) How would you configure billing notifications in GCP?

  • Set up a billing alert in Stackdriver
  • Configure budgets and alerts.
  • Use Cloud Functions to fire off an email with daily budget totals
  • Enable a script using cron to kick off when a threshold is reached

Question 19) True or False. s3config is a command-line option for the Cloud SDK?

  • True
  • False

Question 20) How would you test a Google API and learn how it works?

  • Use the help files in Cloud Shell
  • Use the gcloud command in the Cloud SDK.
  • Use the APIs Explorer that is part of the GCP console.
  • Use the console to get the directions on how to build the API by service