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Feminism and Social Justice Coursera Quiz Answers

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Feminism and Social Justice Coursera Quiz Answers



Defining Feminism Quiz Answer

Question 1)
Professor Aptheker points out that gender is a social construct. Which of the following categories are also socially constructed? (Check all that apply.)

  • Race
  • Criminality
  • Class

Question 2)
Professor Aptheker describes heterosexuality and โ€œwhitenessโ€ as norms. What is an example of a norm in the context of class in the U.S.? (Check all that apply.)

  • Clothing
  • Accent
  • Gender
  • Blood type

Question 3)
According to Professor Aptheker, empowerment is a _ process.

  • Oppressive
  • Collective
  • Individual
  • Interpersonal

Question 4)
According to Professor Aptheker, has any modern society achieved feminism?

  • Yes
  • No

Question 5)
โ€œOppression of women is so old that it seems to be natural.โ€ What does Professor Aptheker mean by that? (Check all that apply.)

  • Women are naturally submissive.
  • Women are associated with nature.
  • It is common to accept womenโ€™s inferiority as a norm.
  • Women are living within legal systems that once considered them property.



Salt of the Earth Quiz Answer

Question 1)
What made โ€œSalt of the Earthโ€ unusual?

  • It won seven Academy Awards.
  • It was about a real event.
  • People who participated in the Empire Zinc strike acted in the film.
  • All of the dialogue was in Spanish.

Question 2)
When did hot running water and indoor plumbing become priorities for the union?

  • After the union had won its other demands.
  • After men started doing housework.
  • After women started to vote in matters regarding the strike.
  • After workers found out other company towns had such infrastructure.

Question 3)
Why were the writer, director, and producer of โ€œSalt of the Earthโ€ blacklisted?

  • Because of alleged tax evasion
  • Because of mistreatment of female actors
  • Because of alleged communist leanings
  • Because of parts of the film that were factually incorrect

Question 4)
What was mined in โ€œSalt of the Earthโ€?

  • Salt
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Uranium

Question 5)
What were some of the disparities in working conditions between Anglo workers and Mexican workers at Mine, Mill & Smelters? (Check all that apply.)

  • Pension plans
  • Overtime pay
  • Two-person shifts
  • Portal-to-portal pay
  • Indoor plumbing



Free Angela! Quiz Answer

Question 1)
True or false? Angela Davis was a member of the Communist Party.

  • True
  • False

Question 2)
Who were the Soledad Brothers?

  • A musical group
  • A religious order
  • Inmates at Soledad Prison
  • A communist group in Soledad, Calif.

Question 3)
True or false? Angela Davis acted as her own lawyer.

  • True
  • False

Question 4)
Where was Angela Davis arrested?

  • Los Angeles
  • Frankfurt
  • Berlin
  • New York
  • San Francisco

Question 5)
What was the occupation of Rodger McAfee, the man who paid Angela Davisโ€™ bail?

  • Potato farmer
  • Lobbyist
  • Lawyer
  • Actor
  • Dairy farmer



#metoo Quiz Answer

Question 1)
Who is Dominique Strauss-Kahn?

  • The former mayor of Paris
  • The former president of France
  • The former director of the World Bank
  • The former director of the International Monetary Fund

Question 2)
True or false? Marriages between slaves in the U.S. were legally recognized.

  • True
  • False

Question 3)
True or false? Because of Anita Hillโ€™s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the U.S. Supreme Court was denied.

  • True
  • False

Question 4)
What happened in the โ€œYear of the Womanโ€?

  • A woman was elected President of the U.S.
  • A number of women were elected to the U.S. Senate
  • A number of women were elected governor of U.S. states
  • A number of women were hired as the CEOs of large multinational corporations

Question 5)
What medium did #metoo first spread through?

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus