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Create Serverless Applications Week 6 Test prep Quiz Answers

In this article i am gone to share Coursera Course: Create Serverless Applications by Microsoft | Create Serverless Applications Week 6 Test prep Quiz Answers with you..

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Create Serverless Applications Week 6 Test prep Quiz Answers


Question 1)
You are creating an Azure API Management service for your production API. The API is expected to be executed 1M times per month. The usage pattern of the API varies every day. You need to scale the Azure API Management service based on the API usage. Keeping costs minimal is also a priority.
Which tier should you choose for your API Management service?

  • Basic
  • Consumption
  • Production
  • Standard

Question 2)
A web service provides customer summary information for e-commerce partners. The web service is implemented as an Azure Function app with an HTTP trigger. Access to the API is provided by an Azure API Management instance. The API Management instance is configured in consumption plan mode. All API calls are authenticated by using OAuth.

API calls must be cached. Customers must not be able to view cached data for other customers. You need to configure API Management policies for caching.
How should you complete the policy statement?
Select all options that apply.

  • Downstream-caching-type = public
  • Vary-by-header = Authentication
  • Caching-type = external
  • Caching-type = internal
  • Vary-by-header = Authorization

Question 3)
You provide an Azure API Management managed web service to clients. The back-end web service implements HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS). Every request to the backend service must include a valid HTTP authorization header. You need to configure the Azure API Management instance with an authentication policy.
Which two policies can you use?

  • OAuth Client Credential Grant
  • Certificate Authentication
  • Digest Authentication
  • Basic Authentication

Question 4)
You are planning to publish APIs for your clients by using Azure API Management. You need to restrict incoming requests from specified IP addresses.
Which policy should you configure?

  • Restrict incoming IPs
  • Restrict Caller IPs
  • Check HTTP Header
  • Validate JWT

Question 5)
You are developing a solution that also makes use of Azure Storage services. You plan on implementing a setting that will only allow requests to the Storage services that are incoming from What do you need to implement to ensure this?

  • This limitation cannot be achieved
  • Implement a CORS rule on the Storage services that will allow the address
  • Implement a policy on the Storage services that will allow the address

Question 6)
You are developing a solution that will need to ensure two-way communication between the client and server. You make use of SignalR. You are aware that some clients will not support HTML 5. What should you do?

  • Nothing. SignalR will manage this automatically.
  • Notify the clients to upgrade to HTML5 to properly use the solution.
  • Set SignalR to use WebSockets, Ajax long polling, or Forever Frame.

Question 7)
True or False?
SignalR does not support older clients who make use of methods of communication like Ajax long polling or Forever Frame.

  • True
  • False