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Create and Manage Cloud Resources Challenge Lab Solution

In this article i am gone to share how you can pass Create and Manage Cloud Resources Challenge Lab Solution with you.


Main Task

Task 1) Create a project jumphost instance

Task 2) Create a Kubernetes service cluster

Task 3) Set up an HTTP load balancer



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Follow My Steps

  • First Activate Cloud Shell


Note: Run all the Given instruction in google cloud shell one by one

Step : (1)

gcloud compute instances create nucleus-jumphost
          --network nucleus-vpc
          --zone us-east1-b
          --machine-type f1-micro 
          --image-family debian-9 
          --image-project debian-cloud

Step : (2)

gcloud container clusters create nucleus-backend
          --num-nodes 1
          --network nucleus-vpc
          --region us-east1

Step : (3)

gcloud container clusters get-credentials nucleus-backend
          --region us-east1

Step : (4)

kubectl create deployment hello-server

Step : (5)

kubectl expose deployment hello-server
          --port 8080

Step : (6)

cat << EOF >
#! /bin/bash
apt-get update
apt-get install -y nginx
service nginx start
sed -i -- 's/nginx/Google Cloud Platform - '"$HOSTNAME"'/' /var/www/html/index.nginx-debian.html

Step : (7)

gcloud compute instance-templates create web-server-template

          --network nucleus-vpc
          --machine-type g1-small 
          --region us-east1

Step : (8)

gcloud compute instance-groups managed create web-server-group 
          --base-instance-name web-server 
          --size 2
          --template web-server-template
          --region us-east1

Step : (9)

gcloud compute firewall-rules create web-server-firewall 
          --allow tcp:80
          --network nucleus-vpc

Step : (10) 

gcloud compute http-health-checks create http-basic-check
gcloud compute instance-groups managed
          set-named-ports web-server-group
          --named-ports http:80
          --region us-east1

Step : (11)

gcloud compute backend-services create web-server-backend 
          --protocol HTTP
          --http-health-checks http-basic-check

Step : (12) 

gcloud compute backend-services add-backend web-server-backend
          --instance-group web-server-group
          --instance-group-region us-east1

Step : (13)

gcloud compute url-maps create web-server-map
          --default-service web-server-backend

Step : (14) 

gcloud compute target-http-proxies create http-lb-proxy 
          --url-map web-server-map

Step : (15)

gcloud compute forwarding-rules create http-content-rule 
        --target-http-proxy http-lb-proxy  
        --ports 80
gcloud compute forwarding-rules list

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