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Case Study: Security and Information Privacy Quiz Answer

In this article i am gone to share Coursera Course: Technical Support Case Studies and Capstone Week 4 Practice Quiz | Case Study: Security and Information Privacy Quiz Answer with you..

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Case Study: Security and Information Privacy Quiz Answer

Tech support has received the following email:

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Subject: Possible info breach

Hello โ€“ we are afraid that there has been a breach of information with some medical records. Can you please help?
A tier-1 support agent has already checked with Wendy and verified that there was no real breach, but that the data is not secure and is vulnerable to future loss. The data in question contains PII and PHI, and the issue has been escalated to Sarah, a tier-2 support agent,for further help.

Question 1)
What does the acronym PII stand for?

  • Policy identified IP
  • Personally identifiable information
  • Patient intake information
  • Patient internal identification


Sarah phones the user, Wendy, to discuss next steps. After some investigation, she determines that one way the data is not secure is that access policies are not being followed.

Question 2)
Which of the following suggestions is best for ensuring compliance with access policies?

  • Provide individual user-level access permissions.
  • Institute role-based access permissions and multi-factor authorization for all users.
  • Add a passcode for database access.
  • Add a passcode and provide identical permissions for all employees.


After some further discussion with Wendy, Sarah also discovers that the departmentโ€™s policies around data collection are not secure.

Question 3)
What policies should Wendy consider instituting when collecting patient data?

  • Only store patient information in the cloud.
  • Record patient consent and provide read-only access on demand.
  • Only allow patients to enter or change information.
  • Ask patients to waive legal possession of database information.


In consideration of these points, Sarah helps advise Wendy on how to revise the departmentโ€™s policies about collecting and storing important sensitive data. She also answers Wendyโ€™s questions about what to do next.

Question 4)
What is the next step for regaining trust in the company and protecting its reputation?

  • Be sure internal stakeholders understand the security issues and the planned solutions.
  • Consult legal counsel to be sure of the companyโ€™s possible liability.
  • Send out a press release explaining the incident.
  • Notify patients who may have been affected to let them know what happened and how to mitigate possible damage.

Question 5)
Which of the following is an effective way Sarah can show a customer service attitude and prevent future issues?

  • Point Wendy to an internal resource for the companyโ€™s security and compliance policy.
  • Have Wendy complete a feedback form about technical support performance.
  • Review all the actions taken on this call.
  • Escalate to a higher-level agent.