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Building Web Applications in PHP Week 3 Practice Quiz Answer

Hello Friends in this article i am gone to share Building Web Applications in PHP Week 3 Practice Quiz Answer with you..

Building Web Applications in PHP Week 3 Practice Quiz Answer

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Question 1)
Which of the following is not a way to include CSS in an HTML page?

  • Using the <style> tag inline in the HTML document
  • Using the <font> tag to enclose other tags</span >
  • External Style Sheet
  • Directly on an HTML tag using the style= attribute


Question 2)
Which HTML tag does nothing to the text it surrounds and has as its sole purpose to create a “handle” so as to be able to apply CSS to the text?

  • span

Question 3)

Why is there more than one font listed in the following CSS rule?

body { font-family: "Trebuchet MS", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; }
  • This is a syntax error, square braces [ ] should be used for the CSS rule
  • They are the preferred fonts for Windows, Mac, Linux, and “Other” systems
  • They are listed in descending preference order if fonts are not present in the browser
  • This is a syntax error, the rule should start with “font-name”


Question 4)
Which CSS selector controls how a link (anchor tag) looks while the user mouses over the link (i.e. while hovering)?

  • a:hover


Question 5)
Which of these CSS rules make text appear in a bold face font?

  • font-weight: bold
  • font-expand: 10%
  • strong: yes
  • font-style: bold
  • font-bold: on


Question 6)
What CSS selector would style a tag that looks like this:

< ... class="puppy">
  • .puppy { …
  • %puppy { …
  • puppy !important { …
  • _puppy { …
  • puppy { …


Question 7)
What CSS rule allows you include a tag in markup but hide it from view in the browser?

  • display: block;
  • visibility: hidden;
  • font-size: -1px;
  • status: off;
  • right: 0;


Question 8)
Which of the following CSS selectors is between the content area and the border? (CSS box model)

  • pixels
  • padding
  • edge
  • perimeter
  • margin


Question 9) What tag is used to import a style sheet into an HTML document?

  • <link>