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Building Database Applications in PHP Week 1 Practice Quiz Answer

In this article i am gone to share Coursera Course: Building Database Applications in PHPย  Week 1 Practice Quiz Answer with you..

Building Database Applications in PHP Week 1 Practice Quiz Answer

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PHP Objects

Question 1) In Object Oriented programming, what is another name for the “attributes” of an object?

  • fields
  • messages
  • forms
  • portions
  • methods

Question 2 At the moment of creation of a new object, PHP looks at the _________ definition to define the structure and capabilities of the newly created object

  • constructor
  • cache
  • method
  • instance
  • class

Question 3) Which of the following is not a good synonym for ‘class’ in PHP?

  • pattern
  • template
  • blueprint
  • direction

Question 4) What does the following code accomplish:

$now = new DateTime();
  • Using the DateTime template make a new object and assign it to $now
  • Copy the value from the DateTime variable to the variable $now
  • Clear out all the data in the DateTime variable and put the old values for the data in $now
  • Subtract the value of the new variable from the value in the DateTime variable and put the difference in $now

Question 5) What is the syntax to look up the fullname attribute in an object stored in the variable $colleen

  • $colleen->fullname
  • $colleen::fullname
  • $colleen.$fullname
  • $colleen[“fullname”]
  • $colleen->$fullname

Question 6) Which of these statements is used to indicate that class A will inherit all the features of class B.

  • class A extends B
  • class A instanceOf B
  • class A inherits B
  • A->features = B->features
  • A=B++

Question 7) Which of the class member visibility settings indicates that a member variable can be accessed within a class and all sub-classes but not outside of the class.

  • protected
  • subclass
  • limited
  • private
  • public

Question 8) What does the “::” operator do in PHP?

  • Allows us to access private methods of a class from outside of the class
  • Allows us to inherit information from one class to another
  • Allows us to access member functions from an object
  • Allows us to access constants and static items from a class