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Build Wireframes and Low-Fidelity Prototypes Week 2 Quiz Answer

Hello Friends in this article i am gone to share Build Wireframes and Low-Fidelity Prototypes Week 2 Quiz Answer with you..

Build Wireframes and Low-Fidelity Prototypes Week 2 Quiz Answer

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Test your knowledge on information architecture

Question 1)
What does information architecture (IA) do?
  • Inspires architecture-related UX designs
  • Creates a basic outline of a digital experience, like an app or website
  • Visually describes and explores a user’s experience with a product
  • Organizes content to help users understand where they are in a product, and where the information they want is. 
Question 2)
How does information architecture (IA) support the wireframe creation process?
  • Organizes an app into lines and rectangle
  • Makes the final product easy to use
  • Provides clearer direction and understanding
  • Provides a detailed view of the final product
Question 3)
Fill in the blank: Information architecture helps engineers _____.
  • understand user needs
  • create new designs
  • organize data
  • make designs look better


Test your knowledge on Gestalt Principles

Question 1)
Fill in the blank: Similarity, proximity, and common region are examples of Gestalt Principles. Designers can use these principles to _____ content so it is visually pleasing and easier to understand.
  • organize
  • recognize
  • evaluate
Question 2)
You are developing a website for a clothing resale company. On the homepage, you choose to display the top-selling brands, by logo, in the center of the page. The logos are grouped with a border around them. Which of the following Gestalt Principles apply in this scenario?
  • Common region
  • Proximity
  • Similarity
Question 3)
To adhere to the Gestalt principle of proximity, what should a designer do?
  • Put elements closer together
  • Use borders to group elements together
  • Make elements that have a similar function look similar
Question 4)
Fill in the blank: Gestalt principles describe how humans _____ similar elements, recognize patterns, and simplify complex images when they perceive objects.
  • describe
  • group
  • disassemble
  • create