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Agile Project Management Week 2 Practice Quiz Answer

Week 2 Practice Quiz 1
Test your knowledge: Scrum roles


Question 1)
What is the primary role of the Development Team, also known as Developers?

  • Build the product
  • Help the team understand why their work matters
  • Ensure the team is building the right product
  • Maximize the value of the product delivered by the team


Question 2)
What are the primary responsibilities of a Product Owner? Select all that apply.

  • Ensures the Product Backlog is visible and transparent to all
  • Prioritizes the Product Backlog to optimize delivery and value to customers
  • Makes sure the product or service fulfills the customer’s needs
  • Coaches the Scrum Team


Question 3)
What is the primary role of the Scrum Master?

  • They ensure the team is building the right product.
  • They do the work to build the product.
  • They promote and support the Scrum process by helping everyone understand and implement Scrum.
  • They work to continuously maximize the value of the product delivered by the Scrum Team.


Question 4)
Imagine you are a Scrum Master coaching Developers to embrace the traits of an effective Development Team: being cross-functional, self-organizing, and supportive. Which additional trait should effective Development Teams display?

  • They should be customer-oriented.
  • They should share expertise in the same discipline.
  • They should operate independently, without direct oversight from the Product Owner.
  • They should work as individuals rather than as a team.