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Activity Add Confidence Ratings Quiz Answer Coursera

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Activity Add Confidence Ratings Quiz Answer Coursera

Activity Overview

In this activity, you will assess the time estimates in your project plan and add confidence ratings based on notes from a project team meeting.


Review the scenario below. Then complete the step-by-step instructions.

By now, Peta has added a number of tasks to the project plan and assigned them time estimates. Now Peta wants to get a sense of how confident the team is that those time estimates are accurate. This information will allow her to update the timeline for completion and be fully prepared to launch the project.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1: Access your draft

Begin by opening the project plan draft you worked on in the last activity, Get accurate time estimates.

Step 2: Access supporting materials

The following supporting materials will help you complete this activity. Keep them open as you proceed to the next steps. Each link below will open a new Coursera tab.

Meeting: Project Update

For this activity, you may also want to access the following supporting materials from earlier activities:

  • Historical Project Plan
  • Email Exchange: Tablet Logistics
  • Meeting: Tablet Training
  • Meeting: Waterfront Location
  • Meeting: North Location
  • Meeting: Tablet Shipping Estimate
  • Meeting: Menu and Coupons
  • Meeting: Scheduling Software Installation

Note: To access additional supporting materials introduced in earlier activities, you can find them in the Resources section.

Step 3: Review the supporting materials

Review the notes from the project team meeting. As you review, take notes on the feedback Peta asks for on certain tasks, keeping in mind you will be responsible for updating confidence ratings in the project plan. Make note of details related to best-case and worst-case scenarios, and how confident the team is with the task estimates discussed at the meeting.

If you identify any new tasks from this meeting that were not already included in your project plan, you can add them to the Task column under the Task Brainstorm tab of your project plan.

Step 4: Add three-point time estimates

Next, select at least four tasks and add three-point estimates for each task. Use the supporting materials provided in this and previous activities to determine an Optimistic time estimate, a Most Likely time estimate, and a Pessimistic time estimate for the task. Add these estimates to the corresponding columns under the Task Brainstorm tab in the project plan.

Step 5: Add confidence ratings

Next, add confidence ratings to at least four of your tasks in the Confidence Ratings (H/M/L) column under the Task Brainstorm tab.

Step 6: Add notes

Finally, add notes to at least four tasks. Notes can include any information on a task critical to time estimates or its completion. You can pull them from the project team meeting notes or any previous supporting materials.

What to Include in Your Response

  • Be sure to address the following criteria in your project plan:
  • Three-point time estimates for at least four tasks in the project plan
  • Confidence ratings for at least four tasks in the project plan
  • Notes for at least four tasks in the project plan

Question 1) Did you complete this activity?

  • Yes
  • No

Question 2) The meeting notes state that training will happen in two phases—one for managers and one for staff. Which of the following three-point time estimates would you choose for fully training the team (including planning, training the managers, and training the staff at each location)?

  • Optimistic: 20 days; Most Likely: 14 days; Pessimistic: 10 days
  • Optimistic: 2 days; Most Likely: 1 day; Pessimistic: 4 days
  • Optimistic: 10 days; Most Likely: 14 days; Pessimistic: 21 days
  • Optimistic: 15 days; Most Likely: 30 days; Pessimistic: 45 days

Question 3) Which of the following pieces of information should Peta consider when determining the confidence rating for the wiring time estimate? Select all that apply.

  • The team’s level of confidence in the time estimate
  • The restaurant has attempted table wiring at least once before
  • The team is still waiting for the menu update
  • The electrician is confident in the amount of time they need to complete the wiring

Question 4) The meeting notes state that Sauce & Spoon has never integrated tablet software with their POS system before and may need to upgrade the system before starting the integration. What confidence rating is appropriate for the POS system time estimates?

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

Question 5) The meeting notes state that the electrician could complete the wiring for both locations in two business days (or 16 hours). Because the restaurants cannot close for a full day for the upgrade, the team estimates four business days (two half-days at each location) to complete the wiring. Based on this information, what notes could you make to add context for this task in the project plan? Select all that apply.

  • “Contact internet service provider to ensure the network can handle tablet WiFi traffic”
  • “Notify GMs when their locations need to close for wiring”
  • “Check with electrician on whether mornings or afternoons work better with their schedule”
  • “Find money in the budget for an electrician”