6.5.15 Check Your Understanding – Disaster Recovery Planning

in this article i am gone to share Cyber Threat Management | Digital Forensics and Incident Analysis and Response | 6.5.15 Check Your Understanding – Disaster Recovery Planning Quiz Answer with you..

Digital Forensics and Incident Analysis and Response

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6.5.15 Check Your Understanding – Disaster Recovery Planning

Check your understanding of disaster recovery by answering the questions

Disaster Recovery Plan

Question 1) What are the two types of disaster that are considered when creating a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)?

  • natural disasters
  • management disasters
  • social disasters
  • human-caused disasters


Natural Disaster

Question 2) What is considered to be a natural disaster? Choose three.

  • volcano
  • solar strom
  • sabotage
  • pandemic


DRP Specification

Question 3) What does a DRP specify?

  • a list of disasters that should be avoided to ensure business continuity
  • compensation for affected personnel according to risk
  • disaster prevention strategies to migrate common disasters
  • details of the critical business processes that must be restored


Restore Systems

Question 4) True or False? Detective disaster controls restore systems after a disaster or event.

  • true
  • false


Preventive Control

Question 5) What is an example of a preventive control?

  • fire alarm
  • fire suppression system
  • replacement for fire-damaged equipment
  • evacuation plan


Business Impact Analysis

Question 6) What is the purpose of a business impact analysis (BIA)?

  • identification of critical business processes and resources, and the relationships between systems
  • specification of roles and responsibilities in disaster response activities
  • determination of alternative location for critical systems
  • specification of key disaster detection mechanisms


Business Continuity Consideration

Question 7) Which business continuity consideration describes the maximum tolerable amount of time that a system, network, or application can be unavailable after a failure or disaster?

  • recovery point objectives (RPO)
  • mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • recovery time objectives (RTO)
  • mean time between failures (MTBF)


Facilitated Walkthrough

Question 8) What is a simple test of a disaster recovery plan that involves a facilitated walkthrough of a disaster recovery scenario?

  • tabletop exercise
  • functional test
  • operational exercise
  • business continuity control